Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HQ dropped his first tooth

back-dated post: 29th November 2010. I took so long to post this up cause hubby had helped me to copy the pictures into the external hard disk and I couldn't locate them!

My firstborn dropped his first tooth... a lower middle right tooth. It was wobbling for a few days and on 29th November, Monday, his tooth just dropped off while he was munching on a slice of bread.

He quickly picked it up from his mouth with his fingers and ran in the kitchen to show his Popo. Popo gave him an empty angpow to put the tooth in. That night, when I got home from work, he proudly showed it to me.HQ with his new grin. The red ang pow is partly in the picture. To tell you the truth, I felt kind of sad. I felt that he's growing up too fast. Loosing his tooth already? The next thing I know, he'll be going to Primary One! And then to further his studies, get a job, leave the nest, get married and have kids. And I am so not ready yet!

My little boy seemed excited though. When we got home that night, he placed the angpow with his tooth in it under his pillow. Yes, we told him about Tooth Fairy when his tooth first started to wobble.

He didn't believe us :-S. He didn't believe there's fairies, and even if there is, he wondered aloud why the fairy would want his tooth for. We told him so that he will be able to grow a brand new tooth. So I'm really surprised that he actually put his tooth under his pillow that night. Maybe just to see what will happen...

Shortly after the kids fell asleep, hubby came home from the airport (he was in Jakarta for business earlier). I told him about HQ's tooth. Hubby removed the tooth and placed it in another angpow. In the original angpow, he placed a RM1 in it and put the angpow back under his pillow.

The next morning, I woke up early, and was cutting up some fabric to prepare for my sewing. I sensed HQ has woken up and I saw him checking on the angpow under his pillow. He peeked in it, and turned it upside-down to let the tooth fall out on his palm. Looked inside again, and tried to pour out the tooth again. Several times. It was so cute watching him doing that :-D.

After confirming that the tooth is really not in there, he quickly moved to my bed, which is nearest to me, and with a distinct gleam in his eyes, he whispered to me:

"Mama, I think Tooth Fairy came and took my tooth. Look, got one dollar inside the angpow!"

I acted really surprised and happy for him ;-).

And then, he started to look skeptical and asked:

"Mama, did you see the Tooth Fairy?"

Of course I said "No".

"How did the Tooth Fairy come in?"

"I think through the window."

"But there's a mosquito net on the window!"

"I guess the Tooth Fairy is really small..."

With his head tipped sideways slightly, he asked again, this time with a frown and louder:

"Did you take my tooth and put one dollar inside the angpow?"

I had to act shocked, and said with as much certainty as possible "Of course not!"

Gosh! Why is he so grown-up! It's Tooth Fairy! Why is it so difficult to believe in Tooth Fairy?

And with that, he carefully kept his angpow inside his drawer. Tooth Fairy or not, I think as long as he gets one Ringgit, he's happy enough :-).

As of writing, HQ has just announced yesterday that his upper middle right tooth is now wobbling. Second tooth now? So soon? Sigh...
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Small Kucing said...

yikes...later he purposely make his tooth loose how ah?

LittleLamb said...

hehehehehe HQ is so cute n u..i think u "tahan" very hard not to laugh right...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahaaaaha...HQ is very funny. He is smart too eh? Not easy to trick him :) Hmm..I wonder how long it takes for a new tooth to grow.

Broccoli Ginger said...

smart boy. :)


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