Wednesday, December 8, 2010

identity crisis

My girl, QQ, has been having an identity crisis for some time now...

She looks sweet in her dresses and skirts alright, loves to have her hair tied nicely, adores glitters and pretty frills, loves to play mummy to her dolls, and feels really special when she's being called a princess :-D.

When QQ spotted her Kiu Kiu's newly taken wedding photo lined up on the wall with my sis' and my wedding photos (my bro just got married last month), she told my mum:

QQ: Popo, when I grow big next time, I will get marry with my husband. I want to put my photo on the wall also, with Kiu Kiu, Tai Yi and Mama marry photos.

Barely 3 and a half years old, and already thinking about putting up her wedding photo *roll eyes*

Plus she thinks Wang Li Hom is really cute, and that she wants to marry him o.O"

So, with all the girlish things above, all would think she's sugar and spice and all things nice. Right?


Give her a Barbie doll and a Power Ranger, she'll choose a Power Ranger anytime.

She's better in growling like a dinosaur than talking softly like a princess.

Her favourite Toy Story character is not Jessie the cowgirl, but Buzz Lightyear. Favourite Megamind character is not Roxanne Ritchi, but Tighten *faint*

Skip and walk slowly like a princess? Neither... she'll go climbing instead.

One time I caught her playing pretend on her own, and she named herself the "Super Power Princess Girl". OK, at least there's Princess and Girl words in her role. But the shock was, this Super Power Princess Girl spews fire *slap forehead*

She loves princessy and girlish things alright, but given the choice, she'll rather choose anything boyish and more action oriented games/toys. Even her perception is skewed towards anything boyish.

My brother who got married recently painted his room pastel purple on one wall, as an accent. With the beautiful lighting and romantic curtains, the room turned out really nice. With half a pail of quality pastel purple paint left, my brother asked her:

Kiu Kiu: Meimei, do you want to paint your room purple? Then your room will look like a Princess room!
QQ: No! Purple is not a Princess colour! Purple is a Decepticon colour!

See what I mean?

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eugene said...

Don't worry lah,, this is what we call child's play, they have many roles to carry out one,,,,

hahaaha, when i was small, i wanted to marry 胡因梦, my fantasy girl hahahahah

Mommy to Chumsy said...

LOL!! She's really a funny girl. Hey I think LeeHom is very handsome too :D

slavemom said...

I agree, WLH is vy cute! *blush*
Ah, maybe the toy preference is an influence from kor kor?

Small Kucing said...

Wang Lee Hom is cute :D

UmmiRosma said... cute and funny remarks..

Our girl too...she sometimes immitate her brother's action being an ultraman! hahaha

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha..QQ oh QQ. At least she still loves princessy suff. Gwen is a girly girl but she dislikes princessy stuff.


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