Monday, December 13, 2010

singapore trip: science centre, grandma's place, orchard

day 2: 4th Dec 2010 (Saturday). You can read Day 1 entry by clicking on the link.

On our 2nd day in Singapore, we went to the Singapore Science Centre. The kids had fun trying out each and every science exhibit there.

All gear up to go!
Magic mirror balls
The kids saw how cartoon is made.
Vision tricks... Coincidentally, there was also a Dino exhibition going on, and the kids were mesmerised by the huge lively displays of the dinosaurs. No cameras inside the exhibit area, so here's the kids at the backdrop outside. Check out their poses here... LOL!After Science Centre, we had an enjoyable lunch of McDonalds (definitely enjoyable for the kids), and left for Grandma's house.

I haven't met Grandma for 3 years now, and she seemed so different when I first saw her. I admire my Grandma very much, for her iron-strong will, courage, loyalty and intelligence. She now seemed so frail... and I feel so sad not to be able to visit her more often :-(.

My mum and my very much missed Grandma. Both of them were so happy seeing each other :'). Group photo with my Singapore cousins and S' new baby E! The kids watched Sharkboy and Lavagirl while we chatted and catched up. Mum wanted to stay with Grandma for a few nights. We left for a scrumptious dinner at Tin Tai Fung, and later to Orchard Road for the Christmas deco.

Decoration at the streets. The decoration at Orchard was not as lavish as I remembered. When I was a kid, my parents brought us to Singapore for year-end holidays every year. We visited our Grandma, and never fail to go Orchard Road. Decoration then was very lavish and mesmerising. But then again, it may seem lavish and grand that time most probably because I was still a kid. These were good memories and will stay with me forever :-).

Kids were getting tired, and QQ got to ride on hubby's shoulders.
I was most attracted to this golden tree made of GIANT Ferrero Rocher. Can I have this for Christmas? ;-P

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wenn said...

i just went to suntec city mall, orchard road and the marina bay..

Small Kucing said...

cool place to visit

prince n princess mum said...

The kids really can pose!~ Wow!

AngelineBK said...

Nice holiday for kids!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

awww....what a great trip. singapore is so much fun and what more when you have close relatives there :D hey, you look so much like your mom :D

coffeesncookies said...

wishing your grandma good health always and you get to enjoy many many more Christmas with her ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your mom really looks alike your popo.

I am impressed too with the chocolate christmas tree.

pl said...

great to see the family again, I see one newborn in the family...?


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