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singapore trip: sentosa

day 4: 6th December 2010 (Monday). You can read Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 entries by clicking the links.

We dedicated a whole day for Sentosa, as we know there's much to see and do. In the morning, BIL drove us all to Grandma's place to fetch Mum. Although it was quite a distance between Sis' place and Grandma's, moving around Singapore for these past few days was a breeze, thanks to BIL's 8 seats MPV :-).

It was already lunch hour when we reached Sentosa. Quickly took the tram to cari makan (Malay: look for food).

In the tram. The boys; boisterous as usual! :-D.
Me and my pumpkin :-D. After lunch, the fun begun :-). First we checked out all the activities that we wanted to partake in. There were packages for combined activities, but we knew our time was short, so we bought the activities tickets separately.

First, was the Segway Funride. This was the picture taken by the Funride employees of the gang. Of course the background was photoshopped, but cute right, especially the kids :-PHQ enjoyed the ride so much, that he went twice! With G!I was rather afraid that my little girl may not be able to handle the bike on her own. But I heard from hubs that there were employees leading the little ones, and my little tomboy did just fine! Sis and the kids. I just love this photo so much! HQ was making some monkey face there, but this photo still looks perfect to me. My Sis looks really cool too, yeah? ;-)Mum, baby R and myself did not go for the Funride, and we sat at a nearby outdoor cafe to wait for the rest. And I must say, baby R is definitely a dream baby to look after! Although baby R was not familiar with Mum and I, he did not utter a peep or look for his Mummy. While Mum and I chatted, baby R kept himself entertained by looking at passing trams, birds pecking on crumbs, played with my rubberband, and occasionally called the lamppost "ball!". He was also very cute with his giggles, showing off his few small teeth. Such a precious baby! :-D

Our next activity was to go on the Luge! I went with the gang this time, while Sis and Mum looked after baby R.

The Luge comes with the Skyride to the peak, as the Luge is riden on a slope. Here we are on the Skyride; this photo was taken by the automatic camera on a pole while we whisked by. The kids enjoyed the ride; though it was sunny, it was very windy too. QQ just reached the height to ride the Luge with an adult. And the boys, HQ and G, just reached the height to ride on their own. We bought single tickets for the boys, and for QQ and I, we had the double tickets as we were to ride together.

It's a pretty simple "vehicle". You pull the handles to stop, and let go when you want it to move. Swerve left and right as we go down the windy slopes. Although you got to sort of pull the handles back the whole time so that it won't zoom too fast on the slopes. HQ and G tried out on their own for awhile, but once they stopped, it's difficult to get started again. They hopped on to join their fathers. Even I find it difficult to maneuver the Luge; really sore for the arms. But it was VERY fun, so we went a few rounds :-D.

Here's hubby and HQ; picture taken by the automatic camera. QQ and I; we went "woah!!!..."
After the Luge, we had Old Chang Kee currypuffs, fried squids, and fishballs on sticks for tea; they even have a website! Bottles of Pokka fruit tea as drinks. Both originally Singapore :-P

After which, it's already 5-ish. We knew that there won't be enough time for other attractions, so asked the kids what else they wanted to do... G wanted to ride the tram, HQ wanted to hit the beach. So we did both. Beach and then tram.

We didn't bring any swimwear or sand castle tools. So it's just kids in their underwears playing by the shore :-). There's something about sea, sand and kids. I don't know whether it is the vastness of the sea and beach, the soft sand between the toes, the light breeze on the face, or the lapping waves, when kids go to the beach, they're always very content :-).

The boys challenging each other to go further to the sea, and QQ squealing at the slightest touch of the waves :-D. QQ is just happy building her sand castle for her dinosaur, with her palms and fingers. The castles that she built were merely sand dunes with holes for doors. They're also slopes that she dug out for slides :-). HQ and G came to check on her now and then, to instruct her to build more castles for their dinosaurs :-P The kids were of course reluctant to leave, but when big drops of raindrops started pelting and creating large holes on the sand, we were forced to leave. We washed our kids at the nearby small fountains, and hop on the tram to go get BIL's MPV.

We stopped at Vivocity nearby for dinner, and Sis recommended a fabulous place, Soup Restaurant. We ordered a set dinner consisting of samsui chicken (steamed chicken with ginger dip), salad prawns, steamed fish slices, ABC soup in teapot, fried potato leaves, braised homemade tofu with sea cucumber, and braised pork slices. I just love the homecooked style; although they claimed that there's no MSG used, the food was very tasty. Sorry no picture again. In fact, we were so hungry at every meal, pictures of food was either totally forgotten or only partially taken :-(.

Here's the boys at the restaurant, while waiting for the food to arrive :-). After dinner, the kids played while Sis and I went shopping :-D. In fact, I was able to grab a pair of Levi's for just S$83! They were having this promotion, whereby you can get a S$50 discount if you bring your old jeans in to change for a new pair of Levi's. They take any brand of jeans! Plus, they give you S$50 vouchers for tops and shirts. I must thank Sis for alerting me to bring my 25-inch jeans, which I can't fit anymore. Now I have a new pair of Levi's for just S$33 (after deducting the free vouchers)!

This pair of Levi's and 2 tops from Cotton On were the only shopping that I managed to do for myself during this trip... still, happy happy!

My next entry on Singapore Trip will be the day we leave for Malaysia... it will be a very short one :-).

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Alice Law said...

Ohhh... interesting fun ride, we should have try this during our last visit!>_<

Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year! Happy 2011!

Mummy Moon said...

Nice day trip at Sentosa! Must bring my kids to Singapore one day, hehhe!

Normally is like that hor, susah to shop if we travel with kids together :P
Not bad you got new jeans with stealing price!

A Mom's Diary said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun at Sentosa.

Mummy Gwen said...

I missed SG lah. The Luge ride was really fun. Gwen rode with Daddy last time.


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