Monday, December 20, 2010

singapore trip: singapore zoo

day 3: 5th December 2010 (Sunday). You can read Day 1 and Day 2 entries by clicking to the links.

After a full and tiring day on Day 2, we woke up fairly late the next morning. After breakfast, we headed to the famed Singapore Zoo, and here's what we saw:The ticketing area was jam packed with people! The 3 queues were all equally soooooo long. Can't help that we chose a Sunday to go. While hubby queue up for tickets under the sweltering heat, we cooled ourselves with chilled bottled drinks and the kids entertained themselves by looking at koi fishes in the pond. Sis and her family didn't have to get tickets because they have a family pass, which they renew yearly. I wonder if our zoo in Malaysia has such passes?

Upon entering, we walked on a wide wooden bridge with a river running below. Many people were peering below the river, supposingly looking for crocodiles. With hats and umbrellas over their heads. Yes, it was terribly hot! Of course we can't see any crocs. They must be hiding under some shades, napping.

Upon crossing the bridge, we saw a threesome of very cute otters. They're together wherever they go! It was so cute to watch :-D. And this very special monkey. They're so man-like!
After walking awhile, we saw white tigers! They're so beautiful, and I think very well-fed. Not menacing at all. I still remembered when we visited our Malaysia zoo, the skinny orange tigers (Malayan tigers?) were swimming in the moat that seperates the tigers' lair and the viewers. They swam very very close to us. Of course they could not leap out to us as they're in water, but they really looked like they were trying to get us as their lunch. Scary...

As we were walking along, we stopped by pavillions for toilet breaks. One thing I really love about this zoo is the immaculate toilets, the very well-kept grounds, friendly staffs and the shades. Although the sun is blazing, there's ample shades and pavillions for us to sit and rest (although the 3 active kids made sure we did not get that chance :-P)

There were some kiddos activities in one of the pavillions that we stopped. The boys were attracted to the shooting game...

Here's G aiming with style...
HQ's turn... QQ had a go too!But QQ was more attracted to this... face painting! Camouflaged warrior!
Too bad the boys were not game, if not we'll have 3 warriors in a picture posing their signature kung fu poses... cool! After lunch, we moved on to the auditorium where we watched a play about preserving nature. I love how they cleverly include some wild creatures into their play. We took the opportunity to explain to our kids about preserving the nature too. Everyone enjoyed the show :-). After the show, we entered the Australian outback zone, where we saw huge monitor lizards, kangaroos and wombats. I think we missed the koalas and tasmanian devils. Posing with the metal/ bronze crocodile along the way - BIL and baby R. The boys, as usual, took matters in their own hands :-D. Croc was crying for help, I'm sure :-D. With all the walking and hot weather, the kids were very happy to cool themselves in the water park right in the middle of the zoo :-D. It looked so fun, the 2 grown up men (aka hubs and BIL) jumped in as well. Hahaha... luckily sis told me to get ready their swimsuits earlier :-).

So pictures in the water park here were taken by yours truly :-). That explains why there's only so few pictures, because I really had problems focusing! I kept focusing on the uncle behind, on poles, on the ground, instead of on my objects - the kids!
I couldn't even get one nice picture of HQ :-(. Also because he kept running to the big playcentre that loads water into a big truck load and poured down on everyone below. Can hear gleeful screams once that happened every 10 minutes or so. Even QQ went a few times! Wished I have a photo of that scary truckload of water pouring down :-(.

After bathing the kids, these energetic bunnies ran off again. This time, HQ and G joined another family to pull a raft to and fro a short stretch of river. They learned teamwork, team coordination and it's a good exercise to burn off energy :-). After some tiring workout, they sat quietly for awhile for hubby to snap a photo. We went and saw a few other animals, but were just too tired and didn't bother to snap any pictures. The zoo is fantastic and very family friendly. Just to make sure to be really early next time, come on a weekday to avoid the crowd, and spend more time there. We also gave Night Safari a miss, as all of us, especially the kids, were really really tired.

This is the last animal that we saw... can you guess whether this is leopard or jaguar? By the time we left in my BIL's 8 seats MPV, everyone was so tired and hungry. The kids fussed and promptly fell asleep one by one. We had to wake them up when food arrived in the restaurant. After some whinings, the kids ate their dinner, and promptly feel asleep again in the MPV. Upon reaching sis' home, we got to wake he kids up again to bathe them, before they fell asleep again... haha! Poor kids :-).

In my next blog post, I'll blog about some really fun sports that we participated in :-).

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

The Singapore Zoo is just fantastic. Put ours to shame :( I like QQ's photo when she's trying out the gun :) So serious.

reanaclaire said...

Singapore at this time is really crowded and packed.. esp Universal studios..I am sure you and your family wouldnt miss that too..

UmmiRosma said...

That's a leopard...

What a fun visit..and educational too!

wenn said...

nice shots of the animals!

Alice Law said...

We usually buy a ticket package which consists of access to Jurong bird park and zoo, cheaper and no long queue!;D

MeRy said...

Interesting trip..

Small Kucing said...

wah lau jam pack ah the ticketing counter.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think that's leopard:-)

By looking just at the tail of the crocs (which HQ was sitting), I really thought it is a real crocs!

A Mom's Diary said...

Singapore Zoo is way nicer than our National Zoo. The last time we went, we didn't notice the water park though, but that was way back in 2008.


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