Friday, December 10, 2010

singapore trip: Walking with Dinosaurs by BBC

day 1: 3rd Dec 2010 (Friday)

We went to Singapore for a much-awaited holiday last weekend. My sis who had settled down in Singapore with her Singaporean husband and children, offered us her place to stay during the trip. Which was very very comfortable :-). Aren't we really really lucky? :-D

What's more, they bought us around the beautiful island; the outings couldn't be more enjoyable without them! This trip, though tiring, was really enjoyable and fruitful. Thanks so much, my dear Sis, BIL, G and R!!! We really appreciate your company and your hospitality :-D.

Mainly, our objectives for this trip were:
1. Watch Walking with Dinosaurs by BBC
2. Visit granny and my cousin's new baby, E
3. Outings for the kids.

Yes, the boys got to go watch Walking with Dinosaurs by BBC!

My sis had booked tickets for the boys way back, since early October. She knew HQ is crazy about dinosaurs, as my nephew G is, and this show will be a very special and rare treat for them! HQ and G were of course thrilled and very impatient for the day to come :-D

The tickets that my sister booked was on the 3rd, Friday at 3pm. We left our home in Malaysia at 8.00am, and arrived in Singapore at 12.30pm. After a lunch of yummy chicken rice, the boys (hubby, BIL, HQ & G) left for the live dinosaur show. We girls went to Singapore Expo for a warehouse sale instead (but I didn't buy much, so no photo to show).

HQ kpt his ticket stub after the show, which is now safely kept in HQ's memory box :-D.According to the boys, the show was spectacular. 20 life dinosaur prancing lively on stage! That surely satisfy their insatiable hungers for dinos for awhile :-D.

No camera was allowed. And the place was so crowded, there's no place for the boys to stand nicely to snap a decent picture. So hubby only managed to snap a few blurry ones from his handphone. I sure appreciate these :-)

HQ in the dark stadiumG's favourite Stegosaurus The magnificent Diplococus came near enough for the spectators to touch! (Or is it a Brontosaurus?) Flying Pterosaurs Velociraptors hunting in a pack The fight of the Triceratops!Ankylosaurus with Triceratops in the backgroundDino war!A closer look at the tyrant - Tyrannosaurus (HQ's fave)After the show, the boys yakked and yakked about what they have seen (and experienced) non-stop!

Heaps of thanks to BBC for the wonderful show and especially to my Sis for grabbing the tickets!!

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Gargles said...

I was there too! Same time, same day, same show! From the angle of the pictures, I guessed your kids were seated roughly opposite from us. WOW!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh i bet the kids must be thrilled to watch the dinosaurs. Is this the same show as the one held at the National Science Center in KL?

Serene said...

I saw this from TV ads. The dinosaurs looks so real... Boy will be boy, love dinosaurs!

BoeyJoey said...

Gargles: WoW! What coincidence... small world :-D

Mommy to Chumsy: No, they're not the same. The one that HQ went to in Singapore is based on the documentary Walking With Dinosaurs by BBC. It's a live show of moving dinosaurs with a story line. The one in National Science Centre in KL is an exhibition, which we will be going next weekend :-)

Serene: Heehee... even I love dinosaurs. But we girls didn;t go cos my sis' baby can't go, and we want to entertain my mum too with non-boys stuffs :-)

Alice Law said...

How impressive, I wish they would have something similar in K.L!>_<

prince n princess mum said...

The dinosaurs looks so real!~

slavemom said...

A live dino show. Must be a dream come true for the boys. So I guess u'll be bringing HQ to the dino exhibition at Pusat Sains Negara next? :)


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