Friday, January 7, 2011

first day of kindy

On 3rd January 2010 (Monday), the kids happily went to kindy.

HQ was happy to join his friends, and QQ, well, she had wanted to go to kindy for, like forever. So, like expected, she's happy too :-).

On the first day of school, HQ came back reporting that he was picked on by 2 big kids (in size, not age). I was wondering, beside 1 classmate, who else could be taller than him? He assured me that he's taller than these 2 boys, but they're much meatier.

He was hit at the leg, arm and buttock. A teacher saw them and break them off. I was shocked. Can you believe this? Only 6 years old and ganging up to bully another kid? Well, maybe it's their ways of "playing" but even so, it's too violent isn't it?

We were torn between encouraging him to protect himself, or to tell his teacher. However, we reasoned that knowing how to protect himself is more important than knowing how to tell a teacher. Moreover, as he grows up and joins a big school next year, there won't be a teacher around everytime.

That night, hubby taught HQ some basic ways of protecting himself - raise both arms to protect the face, or when the body was attacked keep hands at waist to protect your organs, where are the important parts of his body, and run if out-numbered. Hubby stressed that it is definitely wrong to fight, but if someone attack you, you have to know how to protect yourself.

So, on the second day after kindy, the 2 kids came for a fight again. When we asked, HQ told us that he told them sternly not to fight. They hit his arms when HQ used them to protect his face. We asked him whether we should talk to his principal about this? (Anyway, we did told the Principal to keep watch on the two boys in case this happens to other kids). He told us "No need. If they beat me again, I will tell Teacher Y."

So grown up already :').

On the third day, when we asked HQ how was school, he told us that these 2 kids jeered at him instead. And ran off when he told them not to that. Good improvement, huh? :-).

HQ said that from day 4 onwards, the 2 kids never even say a word to him. Haha! We feel relieved that HQ is feeling more confident of taking care of himself. And not to be fearful :-). Think it's about time to start asking about self defense classes for him.

QQ on the first day of kindy.
Although this is the first time QQ attended kindy, she adapted well. The teachers commented that she's very "guai" (well-behaved). Did as she's told, very responsive and generally a very happy child :-). The only thing I'm very worried about is the food that they served her in school. Well, she did cry on Wednesday at school. Why? She said because her teacher took away her half-eaten bread. She only managed to drink a cup of Milo and a bite of bread. And she cried again when Porpor fetched her back, reiterating the incident. Haha! That should teach her to eat quicker next time! :-P

As of this morning, HQ actually groaned because it's Saturday tomorrow and he didn't need to go to school. o.O" Because he said, he has found 2 new friends, who are also his very good friends, a boy and a girl. I hope he will continue liking school :-).

And QQ has caught a flu bug *sigh...* Hope she'll get well really soon.

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MommyAngel said...

Oh .... really don't like the 2 big kid in HQ school but I am soooo glad that he has learn how to protect himself and act very brave to tell the kids off :) Well done to HQ!!

Oh, QQ is so cute in the pictures!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

well done HQ. he knows how to defend himself :) QQ looks so cute in the uniform. Do you pack food for QQ to eat in school? Hope she is better now.

Mummy Gwen said...

Glad to know both of them adjusted well in school. :) QQ looked so cute in her school uniform.

Alice Law said...

Well, maybe you should consider to send HQ for self defense courses. Poor him, it's wise of him to know to acknowledge the teacher next time!

I'm sorry for QQ, hope she has resume her usual health! You too, keep well and have a nice day!

mNhL said...

Aiyo....6 years old and start to bully others. Should alert the teacher to keep a good watch at that 2 bullies!

Glad that HQ knows how to protect himself (very brave). Hope QQ will recover soon.

LittleLamb said...

i think its rude for the teacher to remove the bread. The teacher should understand that kids may eat fast/slow..unless the kids were naughty or playing right..

prince n princess mum said...

Love her smile.. so sweet!

A Mom's Diary said...

Yiu Yiu's kindy is the same too. They will ask the children to keep their food box when the 20-min break time is up, regardless of whether they have finished or not. That's why more often than not, being the sloooowwww eater that she is, there's also leftover food.


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