Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lost another 3

To date, HQ has dropped 4 teeth altogether.

He dropped his first tooth on the 29th November 2010 while he was munching on bread. It's a lower left middle tooth.

A month later, my 5 year old told us he could feel another teeth growing on his gum. We took a look and sure enough, we could see a teeth sprouting out. While his original tooth was still intact!

HQ has been complaining that two of his upper teeth were wobbly, but we always thought they will drop on its own, like his first. Blame it on us, we should have started bringing him to dentist visits.When we told him Papa will be bringing him to the dentist next morning to remove his tooth (hubby was clearing his leave on the last week of the year), guess how he reacted?

"I don't want to see dentist. I want my teeth to be like this. 2 layers, like a shark!"

He thought that his 2 layers of teeth is cool! o.O"

Anyway, hubby reasoned with him and brought him to the dentist the next morning. This was the first time HQ visited a dentist. According to hubby, HQ was ok sitting on the dentist chair, opening his mouth for a check, and tolerating the bitter anesthetic when the dentist applied it to his gum. But when he saw the dentist holding a pair of pliers and about to pull his teeth out, he blared his lungs out! Even the dentist raised both his arms and took a step backward.

Oh dear.

Luckily hubby was good at reasoning with HQ, and in the end HQ got his two teeth plucked on 30th December 2010. Other than that, his teeth are good with no cavity.So while many people are looking their finest preparing for the new year 2011, my little boy's mouth looked really bare. Two upper teeth and one lower teeth were gone. My heart ache a little everytime I see him smile with that big gap :-(.

As if not enough, last Sunday, 16th January 2010, HQ woke me up bright and early at 5+ morning. On his little palm laid a tooth. After checking I saw his lower right middle tooth dropped off in his sleep. Luckily he did not swallow it. And... I also noticed some white teeth sprouting out from his gum, thus pushing this original tooth out!

He now loves to take photo smiling, showing the big gap *slap forehead*4 teeth gone at 5 years 8 months old. 2 dropped on its own, 2 plucked by dentist. And 2 teeth sprouting before the original ones were out. I really think that's too early!

The other day, I was just chiding HQ to eat properly while gnawing on an ear of corn. Then I realised he had to position his corn sideway because he could not scrape the corn pearls out without his 2 upper and 2 lower teeth! I really felt so sorry for him then :-(. In the end, hubby used a knife and scraped the corn flesh out for him (my kids prefer corn from the cob; must remember to buy corn in cup next time). I really hope HQ's 4 teeth will grow all back before the next starts to drop. Else, how will he be able to bite and chew properly? *praying hard*

At what age your kids lose their teeth?

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reanaclaire said...

one by one, they will drop out.. hahaha.. oh dear, i better not laughed.. mine one was chipped the other day.. one side gone.. thinking of going to dentist is really turning me off!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

i can't help laughing about the shark teeth. He still look very cute without the teeth :)

MommyAngel said...

but he looks cute in the picture even without those teeth :) I remembered that I lost mine when I entered primary 1.

Mummy Moon said...

I am now very worry my kids will come to this stage soon, errrr, I am scare to see wobbling teeth :(

Losing teeth on them is like pain in my heart though they yet to come to this...

prince n princess mum said...

haha! shark teeth :)

wenn said...

that's very natural..don't be sad.

the little prince said...

My boy only 3, he has full 20 teeth by now.

But then I have little problem, the addition tooth came out and 'no place' cos the existing not yet the timing to drop out!! So how ahhh!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

hehe....quite fast hor. qiqi lost 4 and only 2 has grown out.

LittleLamb said...

i m scare of this day to come... let alone kids, i myself hate it if i hv to lose my tooth/teeth one day


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