Monday, January 3, 2011

where did 2010 go?

Well, 2010 just whisked by... really fast.

2010 was an eventful year for us... the ups and the downs, the good and the bad. We have no control over the bad ones, so we choose to focus on the good ones :-). In the end, what's most important is we are all together, safe, healthy and happy as a family :-).

On our family front
The kids grew a whole lot in year 2010 and experienced many of their firsts - first visit to the public library, first movie at cinema, first time going out with mama alone, first time at the beach (it's also QQ's first time staying in a resort), and they went for their first overseas vacation.
HQ turns 5 in May. He grew from a shy little boy to be more confident and out-spoken :-). He speaks Mandarin fairly well now, although he still prefers English. He's independant, matured and an intelligent little individual. In year 2010, he participated in his first (real) treasure hunt, made us proud during his concert, lose his first tooth, and got to watch Walking with Dinosaurs by BBC! My little QQ turns 3 in July. QQ was unwell for some time and a series of misfortunes followed. Despite all these, QQ has blossemed into a generous, giving and loving little girl. She's a fierce little tiger, whom we think nobody can bully :-). This is the first year she attends school, and she had loved her orientation week (today is her first day of school!).The kids suffered and got well from HFMD. Early year 2010, HQ, QQ and I were given the opportunity to appear in a TV commercial :-). End of the year, the kids got an iPad from Papa for Christmas. And that wraps up year 2010 for The Boeys family :-).

On the blog front
We attended our first Nuffnang event.
Received a blog award from Small Kucing; thanks Kathy!
We were spoiled with a dim sum buffet by Kancil Biru; thank you Nizaa!
I won something from Modern Carino, thanks to Mummy Ling!
And a necklace from Jewelery by S, thanks Sherry!
Some lovely aunties gave lovely pressies to QQ; thanks Aunty Elaine, Annie, Barb & Hui Nih!
I did my first photo tag.
And we had our first blogger mummies meet.
On sewing & nivnivHandmade
I sewed my first zipper in January and was surprised that it's not all that difficult :-). I wish I could have done more sewing last year; here's the compilation of handmade projects and refashion projects. Was really happy when a French online magazine featured this refashioned skirt, twice :-). I received my first commissioned work from Elaine (thanks, friend!), and that encouraged me to launch nivnivHandmade in late July :-). nivnivHandmade is a project that's really close to my heart. Since launching nivniv, my sewing skills has improved, and I got to sew more varried projects. I didn't mind that I sleep a lot less most nights.

Quality to me is most important. I had to close orders early for Christmas & CNY because I didn't want to rush too much and compensate on quality. I hope that I could have more time and better focus to do more on nivniv. I wish to thank my lovely customers again... I'm really grateful for your support and trust in my handiwork. If you haven't already, do join us at Facebook!
So yes, we had a really busy year in 2010 :-).

We hope year 2011 will bring more organisation, happiness, health and togetherness for us.

And to all my lovely readers, have a very blessed Happy New Year to you and your family!

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Sherry said...

Happy New Year, tag you here

slavemom said...

Happy New Year to u and ur family too!
Wah, din know u, HQ and QQ have appeared in a tv commercial b4. Famous lah u guys. ;)

LittleLamb said...

wow! sing-ma :)
i didnt know about this. So u believe in this floor cleaner or not? I m using the same brand but lavender. I didnt see for the kids one b4 wor

BoeyJoey said...

slavemom: One time only la, where gt femes... think they have taken it down already :-).

LittleLamb: Kakaka! Make me wanna LOL when hear you say sing-ma. Mana ada la! Keh leh feh jau yau!
This floor cleaner ah, available in supermarts. They gave 2 bottles to try; quite ok :-).

coffeesncookies said...

hey.. u know what ? I didn't know abt you in kiwi kleen ads.. until i saw the ad on tv one day.. i look look.. and tot it was you.. i quickly run to the tv and look closer..told hubs it BJ !! BJ!!!
eh.. you look v 'seong keang' :)

2010 went by in a flash too. Maidless and all, I hardly have time to breath but I made great friends in the blogosphere, you included.

Take care !

A Mom's Diary said...

Soon you may be able to devote your time fulltime to niv niv :-)


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