Monday, February 7, 2011

school updates

HQ: 5y 7m old
QQ: 3y 5m old

HQ has been reported being a great korkor to QQ in school. Teachers told Popo (my Mum) that he has been helping his meimei to eat during break time, reserving a seat for her during tv time, and helping her at the toilet :-). He has also been doing his homework diligently without being told, and often helps QQ with her homework. The school has changed the English reading syllabus to Peter & Jane this year, and he's reading Book 9 now. He is finding reading more interesting than numbers nowadays.

QQ, on the other hand, worries me. Popo (my mum) needs to nag, coax, bribe and threaten her to do her homework. Every single time! She takes ages to write a line of capital A, and often ended up crying, feigning sleepy, hungry, hot and what-not. How did she finally get her homework done? HQ holds her hand and write! *slap forehead*

In school, the teachers love her as she has never asked for her mama or popo. They find her cute too as she talks a lot... non-stop in fact, about her gong gong, her papa, her mama, popo, going to the cinema, her classmates, about everything! After awhile, her talking disrupts the class, and now the teachers give her a nickname... Ms. Chatterbox! *slap forehead* She's a clever little girl who learns pretty fast... but only if she keeps her little butt on her chair and her little mouth shut! *sigh...*

I don't understand... I thought she would love homework as before she started school, she loved writing with her korkor. Why the sudden change?

Do you have any of same thing with your kid? How do you handle it?

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reanaclaire said...

She is still very young... attention span is shorter.. as she grows bigger, she will change :)


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