Wednesday, February 9, 2011

singapore trip: wrapping up

a very belated post - day 5 of Sinagpore trip: 7th December 2010 (Tuesday). You can read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 entries by clicking the links.

Day 5 was the day we made our way back home. Before leaving, my cheeky nephew G wanted to show HQ his favourite playground. So after breakfast, the kids played at the playground, while the men watched over them. Ladies went to the market.
One thing I really love about this place is how family friendly everywhere is. There's at least one playground in every housing area, all within walking distance. These playground are very clean and well-maintained too. In every shopping complex or tourist attraction, there's sure to be small sections dedicated to kids, like indoor playgrounds and even water parks. Best of all, they're free :-). Well, we do have parks and playground back home, but they can really do with a lot more maintenance and cleaning. Here's a water park in the middle of the zoo... definitely a kids' favourite! And for the parents? They can either join in the fun (like my hubby and BIL; LOL!) or stand aside and watch over them. Oh, that's me "watching over the kids". I'm wearing one of Old & New Stuff for Sale's jumpsuit; it's really light and comfortable! I've also bought some other things, and Shireen was so nice to include a pair of shades for QQ. Hop on to their site to view more selections :-). Another thing that really surprised me is the level of security. My sis' kids, the youngest being as little as 16 months old then, were allowed to roam around in shopping complexes, only within their parents' view. With one look people can tell that we're not locals, as we're so kiasi - holding on to our little ones for fear that they may get lost or kidnapped! I was also surprised to find that my sis' place do not have iron grills on their doors and windows throughout the whole house. Maybe high rise condominiums do not need grills as they're closely guarded by guards and not so reachable by robbers, but a double storey semi-detached home? Does that really show that it's a lot safer at the Lion's City?

Ok, back to the original post. After breakfast and the playground, we headed home. But before that, I requested for a detour to another destination... the fabric stores! My lovely Sis insisted that she brings me :-). Rows and rows of very beautiful fabric greeted me; I was the happiest girl in my fabric heaven! Though a lot more expensive than the price that I paid when I shopped in fabric stores back home, there were a lot more variety and the fabric prints were so beautiful! I had to be very mindful and budgetted myself strictly. The fabrics that I've bought are now rinsed, dried, ironed, folded and waiting for me to cut on them! Sigh.. so happy :-). So that rounds up the whole of Singapore trip :-). You can read more on the trip here:
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Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, nice pics. Have always loved Singapore...
here's wishing you and family all the very best of the rabbit year.
Stay young and keep a song in your heart.

wenn said...

oh ya, it does, my friend in sg told me that there's hardly any snatch theft too.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I can't recognize you in the pic. You look really slim and elegant in that black jumpsuit :)

Small Kucing said... much fun.

Hope its not too late to wish you Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Debbie Y said...

sounds you guys had a great holiday in Singapore.

Caca said...

you shop fabrics in Spore? Is it more choices?

Caca said...

can you tell me the name of shop?


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