Friday, March 4, 2011

playground bullies

Warning: A very long rant post ahead

Like every kid, my kids love playgrounds. I love playgrounds too... while the kids are playing, I get some breather :-).

Although my kids have their share of fun and exercise in playgrounds, they get "surprises" as well. From little kids like them. Not many, but we encountered these playground bullies 3 times, on 2 different occasions. I'm often shocked by what these little beings are capable of doing, or saying. And it irritates me to no ends that their parents just sat there, obviously aware of what is going on, but decides to stay mum.

Last CNY, we wanted to exchange some books that we bought from MPH Midvalley, and upon learning that we can do so in any MPH branch, we chose to go Alamanda, as it's the nearest. Sis and her family was going too for her usual back-to-Malaysia-shopping-spree.

After doing what we had planned, we had lunch in Old Town White Coffee. Right outside Old Town, there's a large indoor play area. The kids ate really quickly this time. After their rushed meals, they were running and playing in the playground while we adults enjoyed coffee in Old Town.

After awhile hubby and I went to join the kids... to play on the kiddy slides to snap their pictures. I love pictures snapped while the kids are at play... their grins are genuine and their complexion flushed from the exercise :-).

There was this wheel that was placed against the wall. I don't know how to explain but the kids played with it by sliding into the little compartment between the wheel and the wall. The space is very small, so understandable the space can only fit one kid at a time.

So my QQ was in there, and while she was getting ready to come out, a little boy wanted to go in. I held on to the boy and said "Tunggu ya, biar dia keluar dulu". He flung off my hand and proceeded to go in the little space. Of course both kids suffered like sardines in a tight can. And guess what? Our little friend here got so mad, started shoving, and shouted:

"Awak ****, buat apa kat sini? Balik la!!!"

I was shocked! I think he's only about 4? And smaller sized than my QQ too (QQ is very tall for a 3.5 year old). And in the presence of an adult... me! Can you imagine what could have happen if I weren't there? I asked him "Kenapa KITA tak boleh main sini?" From nearby, I heard a lady calling out to him to go. Not a word of apology, nothing. But of course he did not budge. I helped QQ to squeeze out instead.

I thought this was already dramatic, not enough. As the kids continued to play happily, we sat at the side chatting. Suddenly we heard a piercing scream followed by very loud wails. My QQ was laying on the floor, face down! That small section was a closed area, so I had to climb up the flight of stairs and slide down the long slide before I could get to her. She never cried that loud before! I imagined the worse. My heart was pounding! I was so afraid!

Obviously she fell down badly. But how did it happened? Between her sobs she pointed at a boy and told me he PUSHED her down from the top of the slide. And that slide was a VERY high one! I quickly felt my hands around her, and asked her which part of her body hurts. Luckily it was the knees and elbows that hurt the most. After ensuring she was alright, I looked at the boy who pushed her. Also a very small boy, probably 3+, much smaller sized than QQ. I asked "Kamu yang tolak dia jatuh ya?"

He defiantly looked at me, and ran away. Not feeling sorry at all!

After carrying QQ and handing her to hubby, I learned from Sis that the boy who pushed QQ ran out of the closed area. My Sis and G, my 5 year old nephew glared at him. Guess what happened next?

That boy used both his hands and pushed G on his chest! With my Sis, a grown up standing right there next to G! It's like being defensive of what he had done. The force was so great G had to take 2 steps backwards! G wanted to push the boy back but my Sis stopped him.

The boy ran off to join his family nearby. Again, no apology or anything.

I can hardly believe that kids this young can say such hurtful things and can be this violent. Why are they behaving this way? What saddened me most is their parents seemed to approve this kind of behavior. What is going to happen when these kids grow up? What is going to happen to OUR kids when they have to face this kind of behavior from these kids?

I'm not saying every kid behaves like that. Just a handful maybe, and we were so unlucky to have met 2 that day.

Note: Please be assured that the above article has no intention to bring up any differences between anyone. Conversation was done in Bahasa Malaysia because it is our national language and is used to communicate. I've written the article down as a way to vent my frustration as a mother to my precious children, nothing more. Thank you for understanding.

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Anonymous said...

oh geram when i read this !!!
the worst part is the boys` parents !!! grrrr... :(

Small Kucing said...


ChloeRuoyi said...

Oh my, I know exactly how you feel! Chloe was physically attacked in a playground not long ago too...
I've come across many of such rowdy kids in the playgrounds and based on my observation (in most cases) their parents just don't bother at all. Sigh...

reanaclaire said...

Blame the parents!! gosh.. these poor kids, they will grow up with these instill in their minds.. gosh!

Montessorimum said...

Oh dear, feeling so geram. We been to alamanda once, we also encountered bullies like that.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wah..i feel like slapping that kid. the sad thing is that children like them will grow up to be bullies because their parents never teach them what is right and what is wrong. i don't understand why some parents can just act as if nothing happened. Totally no manners at all.

wenn said...

some kids r real bullies!

A Mom's Diary said...

Why didn't you walk up to the parents and give them a piece of your mind?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BG, there will always be kids like this.
Not their fault. Blame it on their parents.
I suggest you get your kids go learn Thai Muy Thai or Chinese martial arts.
You'll feel better.
Have a nice day.

Broccoli Ginger said...

really sad.

coffeesncookies said...

very sad and we hv to be v careful with them esp in public play area.
always kena bully by the rowdy sakai kids.. and worst.. if they learn to bully back. I know you could not lay your hands on the bully but given me I would have shouted at him.
sigh.. poor QQ

mNhL said...

that 2 bullies might be brothers?

Glad that QQ was fine.... but that definitely frighten her.

Mummy to QiQi said...

thank GOD that boy din said You Go Back to Cxxxx! Surely must have learned from his rude parents :(

Yin Yue said...

they are mostly m****. give birth so many but can't educate them well. b***.

prince n princess mum said...

Playground is suppose to be a fun place, without bullies, of course...... Wonder why those parents allow their kids to do like that.. :(

Alice Law said...

Just wonder how did the parents educate their kids(if they ever teach them...)... guess they derived from the same rotten stocks!

the little prince said...

Oh gosh!!! terrible the young bullies!!!

Next time you should educate them in front of your kids n theirs parents too!! That's nothing wrong about it!!

My hubby normally will not allowed our son to play if we 'sense' that the kids at the playground a bit 'aggresive' for safety purpose!

Sherry said...

talking about playground, I saw some secondary school student without their uniform smoking at playground. they are basketball player and I can't believe my eyes.

yeah about playground bullies, my son kena before and the mom never bother watch the 2 children.


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