Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My daughter was a meat lover. Meat could be the only dish that went with her rice at every meal. Of course I didn't let her eat meat and rice alone, so I made sure she ate her portions of vege and fish as well. After her meals, she'd sit with us adults while we ate, and pecked on the meat dishes. That's how much she loved meat.

After a bout of infection and a host of medicine cocktail last year, QQ seemed to stopped loving meat. In fact, she stopped loving anything other than rice, noodles and breads. With nothing on them. So it's plain rice, plain noodles and plain bread! She screams murder everytime she catches a glimpse of food in her rice, noodles or bread! And rather go hungry!

So for sometime, she was on a carbo diet. We all called her a "carbotarian".

Mum, who looks after my kids, was exasperated. I was exasperated. I didn't think QQ's daily intake of multivitamin supplement counts up to all her vitamins and minerals daily requirement. So we served her more snacks in between meals... various types of fruits, homemade fishballs, homemade meatballs, cereal drinks and nutritious soups.

QQ, who used to be my little guzzler, who used to eat anything with speed and gusto, turned down most of the snacks we tried to trick/ force coax her to eat. Luckily she still loved her soup. So, it's nutritious soup with rice or noodles at every meal. And more soup after she finished her meals. For breakfast it's porridge with lots of ground meat, fish and carrots dumped in and boiled to a paste (so she couldn't spot them and pick them out). And luckily there's one thing she still loved... eggs. Mum made sure she eats one hard-boiled free-range egg every day.

On one hand I was worried that she's not getting sufficient nutrients. On the other hand, I was wondering if this could be her body natural response that's trying to tell us that its not ready for meat yet?


After awhile when her mood was better, we started adding tiny pieces of vege, fish and meat into her meals. She noticed. If we're lucky, she ate them anyway. But when she fusses and refuses to eat, it's back to soup and rice for that particular meal.

Nowadays, it's a hit or miss during mealtimes with QQ. I hope as time goes by, she will start to eat more. And as time goes by, I hope we don't have to be so paranoid about her getting insufficient nutrients :-).

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Small Kucing said...

maybe it's just a phrase she is going through

Mommy to Chumsy said...

i can understand how you must be feeling. ashley was a finicky eater and i had to crack my head on what to give her. i guess, if your little one is healthy, there shouldn't be a problem. could you substitute with cheese, yoghurt, beans and tofu? does she like these?

beelee said...

kids can be fussy too..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, kids will always have their fancies.
But not to worry, she'll be fine as she grows up. Just be patient, encourage her, explain, show why it is good to eat whatever.
We were all young once....
You keep well and have a pleasant week.
Best regards. Lee.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Lucky thing she likes soup and eggs! With all the meat (protein) dumped into the pot of soup, the soup will have all the nutrients. Since she like eggs, can you add minced meat and minced fish meat into the egg and fry it into omelette?

prince n princess mum said...

I have a fussy eater at home, too!~

Mummy Gwen said...

QQ used to be a good eater wor. I think it's just a phase. I threaten Gwen to finish her meals everytime. She has no choice but to eat what I feed her..hehe..I'm too fierce.


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