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for the children of ishinomaki, japan

(All photos here are of Ishinomaki, Japan.)

I think everyone is aware of the disasters that caused the world crashing and crumbling down on Japan on an early morning 11th March 2011. An earthquake measuring up to 8.9 on the Ritcher scale, followed by tsunami as high as 10m swept many homes away. What's also worrying is the emergency declaration on the state of the nuclear plants... what will become of their future, many generations later? (After the tsunami hit Ishinomaki, Japan. Source.)

When I see the disasters unfold on tv during news at night, I can't help as tears roll down my cheeks. It breaks my heart watching buildings, homes crumble to nothingness and men, women, kids suffering in silent. However, the emotional tremour that I felt in my heart is really nothing compared to the physical pain and emotional sufferings of those who are directly affected. (Japanese coast guards wading through water in search for missing victims after tsunami hit an elementary school in Ishinomaki, Japan. Source.)

I applaud to many efforts put in all around the world to help lessen the sufferings of people in Japan. I believe whatever help you have put in to Japan will benefit human race as a whole. While surfing for news of Japan the other night, I came across this at thesleepytimegal:

"A new Japanese friend of mine has been corresponding with her dear friend in the devastated town of Ishinomaki, Japan. (All of the Japanese photos are from Ishinomaki.) Her friend, Sachiko, is an elementary school teacher in this town. Many of the children of the school have parents that never returned to the school to pick them up. Many of the children, in the cooler weather there, are walking barefooted. Many of these children need our help, we who have so many comforts of life right now."

How heart-breaking it must be for the children waiting for parents who never came... I glanced at my sleeping kids, cozy and safe. And I thought about the kids in Ishinomaki... cold, hungry, helpless, hopeless, and lonely :'(. These children are now residing in the school, waiting for their new school term to start. What is lacking is warm clothing, socks, school supplies, dry food and lots of happiness. (A Self Defence soldier smiles as he holds a four-month-old baby who survived the recent tsunami with her family at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture on March 14, 2011. Source)

What thesleepytimegal is initiating is sending things that the children of Ishinomaki needs, directly to the people who are looking after these kids. It would be good if we all can contribute to this cause... what's found in our home and gently used is fine. To read more about the effort and to get the delivery address, do hop by her blog .

I've gotten a response from thesleepytimegal on the delivery address, and Hubs and I are going to enlist our kids in this project :-). We're sending a box, probably end of next week, or early following week. If any of our dear readers would like to include some of their things in our box, we will be happy to include them :-). You can leave a comment to this post with your email address, or email directly to and I'll get in touch with you.
(Students of Okawa Elementary School hug each other at a temporary alternate school before the first school day since the earthquake in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture on March 29. The school was damaged and only 34 students out of a total of 108 survived the disaster.

Thank you all :-).

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MyBotanG said...

Thank you for sharing this info dear.. Could you send me the address as well.. My Husband and I have gathered a lot of things from our Malaysian students who have graduated and returned to Malaysia, but we are frustrated as we do not know where to send the items to.. Our local city hall only accepts monetary and food donations.. It would be great to send directly to the town itself.
Thanks a bunch in advance.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Can I donate money instead? If I were to post the items to you, it will just waste the postage fees for a better use. Let me know and I will bank in to you.

Alice Law said...

Heart wrenching hearing this miserable children... very kind of you willing to offer helps!

BoeyJoey said...

Hi Suhana :-),

So heart-warming to receive your response :-). Great that you already have things that are suitable for school-going children.

I've already emailed the address to you. Do let me know the number of boxes sent ya, so that thesleepytimegal is able to add up the numbers on her blog :-).

BoeyJoey said...

Broccoli Ginger: Thanks for your response :-). I do not know if this drive takes money or not. Let me check with thesleepytimegal and get back to you?

BoeyJoey said...

Alice Law: This is the little help I can give :-).

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word. Much love,

The Sleepy Time Gal

Montessorimum said...


Just like to know if it is too late to send a box now? Like to have my children participate. Can I have the address where I can directly sent the box to? Please let me know . My email:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, thats really good of you and friends. Well done....
I guess that place will no longer be home to anyone for years to come.
They have lost everything.
Really sad. Life is so unpredictable.
You keep well, best regards.

BoeyJoey said...

Montessorimum: Gret to hear that :-). I've sent the address to you. Do let me know the number of boxes sent ya, so that thesleepytimegal is able to add up the numbers on her blog :-). Or you can leave your comment directly on her post :-).

BoeyJoey said...

Uncle Lee: Yes, it was really sad. We're only offering what little help we can :-).

Mamapumpkin said...

Hi Pei Yee, I'll be bringing a load of stuff to Goolypop tomorrow to pass over to you. Is there a deadline for this cuz I can collect a whole load more of stuff if given more time. How are you sending the boxes & more importantly, are you funding postage of the boxes? Shouldn't we pay for that too? Let me know more details. I am contactable at mamapumpkin at gmail dot com or if you need to, get my number from Goolypop :-)

BoeyJoey said...

Mamapumpkin: Thanks in advance, Patsy. I've replied you through email :-)


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