Sunday, May 22, 2011

my mother's day greatest gift

HQ: 5y 11m old when the incident happened

HQ, my son, can be quite hurtful in his words sometimes when he's upset. This only shows how frank he is and how well he communicates his displeasure. One thing that I need to teach him though, is to be more tactful and mellow when communicating his dissatisfaction.

Despite this, deep down, he's actually sweet, thoughtful, and caring. Let me relate my recent experience, which really touched me, and I want to document it down so that I can read again in the future.

On the Friday before Mother's Day, I was surprised (and disappointed) that my kids' school had not planned anything for the occassion. No card, no flower, no balloon like previous year. Granted that it's an exam week, but can't the teachers make a little effort as exams has already ended on Thursday? Although I was dissapointed, I did not say anything.

The day before Mother's Day, on Saturday, Hubs and I set-up our first nivniv booth at Pipit Craft Fair. We were exhausted at the end of the day. Exhausted was an under-statement... I actually felt I was going to pass-out... I slept very very little for a few nights before the event.

After Pipit, we went to Popo's house to fetch the kids home. HQ gave me an envelope with drawings inside. I really love what he drew specially for me - on the front, he drew some of his favourite things. There's a crab, pineapple in a pot :-), a plate of mee hoon with fork and spoon, falcon, angelfish and Saturday :-). And on the overleaf, he drew chocolates, handkerchefs and sweets :-D.
If that was not sweet enough, while kissing me and wishing "Happy Mother's Day", my little boy told me:

HQ: Mama, you are my greatest most wonderful mama in the whole wide world.

I saw that he really meant it. My eyes were misty then :'). After all these years being his mama, I have always felt that I do not measure up. That I do not give him enough time, attention or opportunities to maximise his potential. What he told me that night lifted my spirits. I may not be the best mama in the eyes of others, but to my boy, I am his most wonderful :').

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Zooropa said...

HQ is really a sweet boy & Happy Belated 6yo Birthday to him :-)


Small Kucing said...

so sweettt...heart melt already

goolypop said...

But of course! Ni shi jui hao de, ni ji tau ma... :D

reanaclaire said... sweet words!

beelee said...

best gift ever!

mNhL said...

HQ is so thoughtful at such a tender age! U r blessed :D

My boy's kindy too...did not do anything for mother's day. So sad huh.

MommyAngel said...

My oh my ... that's the most wonderful words that I have ever heard from a little young boy! mommy must be very happy :) :)

His drawings are very neat and he can draw pretty well! Can't wait for my girl's turn :)


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