Monday, May 23, 2011

teacher's day handmade cards

If there is something that I applaud everytime, it would be HQ's initiative to make something as a gift. I think it is means so much for someone to put his time, effort and love into making something for another person. Be it a card or a drawing from HQ, I am always appreciative :-). He even tried making an origami frog before! Which was based on his own folding design and it really did hop a little :-).

He got to know about Teacher's Day when he saw his friends giving out Teacher's Day cards to his teachers. When he got back from school, he began brainstorming with his Popo in making Teacher's Day cards for his teachers. (I love that he suggested "make" and not "buy". Not that I'm kiamsiap la, but I really love his handmade spirit :-D) He asked Popo to cut some papers into heart shapes, and he wrote on them wishes for his teachers. He made 8 altogether.

Here's the outcome: Although they're pretty simple, I'd prefer this handmade card anytime than those readymade ones picked up from the shelves. And I am very thankful that my Mum is happy to partake in his little project as well :-).

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wenn said...

i used to teach my students to do just that.

Small Kucing said...

very time use color paper also will be nice

ChloeRuoyi said...

Yes, handmade is the best. Chloe's kindy is celebrating TD this Friday and we parents are encouraged to help the kids come up with something for the teachers.

P.S. Chloe is indeed a year older than QQ. She's turning 5 this Aug :)


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