Thursday, June 30, 2011

father's day

Post-dated post: 18th June 2011 (Saturday)

Father's Day started well with the kids giving Papa some handmade Father's Day Card that they did in school. (In comparison, it's funny that the school did not prepare anything for Mother's Day).

Here's HQ's card all written by himself (I blurred his name). And here's the inside of QQ's card. Teacher helped her with the writing, except her name (which I blurred). I love her drawings, especially the blue elephant! :-).We had plans to go for a simple outing on Saturday, but something cropped up unexpectedly and we only managed to go for the dinner with Mum, Dad, WC and MY.

Braised tofu with minced meat sauce on a bed of steamed egg
Fried fish slices (which I thought I snapped a picture but didn't :-()

But I did snapped this picture of this dish, which is made from the bones, leftover from the above dish. Salty and yummy!Honey ribsPrawns deepfried in fragrant salt

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thank you for being a wonderful grandpa to my kids :-D.

Happy Father's Day, hubby! Thank you for being a wonderful hubby and Papa! :-).

And Happy Belated Father's Day to all Daddies, and Grandpas out there :-)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

my little fashionista

Thank you everyone for the concern and well wishes :-). Although still having slight fever now and then, flu and cough, QQ is much better now. She has not been going to school for a week plus now, and we may be still keeping her at home for sometime.

As she has been cooping in Popo's home most of the days, when Papa said he's bringing us to Old Town White Coffee for breakfast on Sunday morning, QQ excitedly got herself dressed :-).

The place was just around the neighbourhood, but she dressed like she's going someplace special :-).

Except for the tee, she chose this whole assemble on her own. My little fashionista :-D.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

fever, vomit, sorethroat, rashes and cough

Kinda rhymes too ya? :-)

Ya, now I can type :-), but the last few days were nightmares... especially for my poor QQ. (warning - very long-winded article ahead)

She recovered from her mini fever and cough session after the Penang trip, and was all excited to start school, because she knew she'll be celebrating Teacher's Day on Friday. Like other kids, she had an eat-all-you-can session in school consisting of muruku, junk food and potato chips (I asked HQ what they ate). I was mad as I have told the teachers again and again not to allow QQ eat any junk food, and yet no one did anything to control her. I didn't put all the blame on the teachers; this little missy should have known better cos I've been drumming this into her head as well. Sigh...

Anyway, at the wee hour of 2.00am Saturday morning, QQ woke me up to help her in the toilet, and her skin was burning! Quickly took her tempreture (38.8) and fed her milk and Progesic Paracetamol. After she had fallen asleep, I checked on her now and then, and when her tempreture climbed to 39.6 at 3.30am, I quickly inserted a suppository. At 5.00 am, she had a bout of coughing and vomited. After cleaning her up and changing the bedsheet, she feel asleep again. When she awoke again at 7.30am, I found it unusual when she declined her milk. At 8.00am, she vomitted again. This time it was all liquid and not a trace of food. And it's bright yellow! We were shocked!

We quickly got ready and left the house. It was barely 9.00am when we arrived Sunway Medical Centre. When she was at the hospital, she seemed to be her active self again, albeit a bit tired. She only ate a few mouthfuls of the plain bread that I fed her. According to the Pead, it's a bug that she caught. I thought it could be all the heaty junks that she ate during Teacher's Day on Friday, and the bug easily invaded her heaty body.

When hubby was collecting the medicine from the pharmacy, the kids played in the little playroom. After awhile I knew something was wrong when QQ stood very still and her eyes searched for me. I quickly went to her and she told me she's going to vomit. By the time we reached the doorway of the playroom, my QQ vomited bright yellow liquid again. This time, it all landed on her shoes, HQ's shoes and another little girl's shoes :-(.

After cleaning QQ, I took HQ's and the little girl's shoes to clean. By the time I had them cleaned, the little girl's parents were already searching high and low for her shoes. Really felt so sorry for the little girl :-(.

I fed QQ timely with the fever medicine, and she was alright during the Father's Day dinner although her appetite was not good. We then noticed that her skin had red patches on them. Not bulges, but in patches of very tiny red dots.

The next afternoon (Sunday), our little girl started scratching. I tried baby oil, aloe vera gel, and calamine to soothe her itchiness to no avail. The poor girl was literally scratching herself sore! Her skin started breaking too :-(. She seemed very much better when she was soaking in a tub of warm water, so I let her soak for however long she wanted. The water help to keep her fever down anyway. At late noon, when her fever wouldn't budge from the 38+ range, we inserted another suppository during her nap.

After her nap, she seemed to be eating better - half a chicken thigh, half an egg, half portion of fish and lots of soup. Why all half? Cos she only finished less than half of her portion.

That night she scratched herself to bed and only feel asleep at 11.00pm. At 2.30am, she awoke again, scratching and scratching until she looked like a cooked lobster. Even her head, eyes and ears were itchy! My poor poor baby :'(. She scratched and scratched until she fell asleep again at 4.30am.

2 hours of itch! I bet she was really sleepy and she was coughing too. I really marvel her... She did not fuss or cry at all, just scratched, scratched and scratched :'(.

I called the Pead on Monday, who advised that he would want to do a blood test on her just in case it's dengue. However, the blood test can only be done on Tuesday (dengue result will only show after fever of 3 days). I can't go on emergency leave for 2 days in a row as there are urgent things in the office that I needed to look into. As her fever is now under control, I decided to bring her in only on Tuesday. Moreover, the calamine I have in hand is the same as what the Pead will be giving (I was having rashes due to food allergy sometime ago - more about that later).

So my poor Princess had another night of nightmare. She was scratching non-stop. Crying this time too. There were also rashes around her eyes forming 2 bright red rings. HQ said she looked like someone had punched her on both eyes. That night she slept without any clothes on; she seemed to scratch less when the it's cooler.

So, on Tuesday, the Pead stuck a needle in her to draw blood 2 tube of blood for the test. Of course she wailed. But only for a brief moment; my brave brave girl. Truth is, I think the blood drawing session was more bearable than all the scratching. While waiting for the result, we had breakfast, and QQ did managed to eat half an egg and small spoonfuls of rice. Although still scratching, she was active enough to joke when she saw a lady's plumber's crack :-D.

The result came back after an hour and I was relieved to find that it's negative. The Pead percribed the same calamine lotion and a bottle of anti-itch syrup. I tell you, I will trade anything for this bottle of syrup. Yes, it's that precious.

After Tuesday, her condition got better slowly. As of now, QQ is not scratching anymore, but the stubborn rashes still lingers around her eyes, at her arm fold and leg folds. The skin at that area started peeling off slowly. HQ said she looks like a snake changing skin now *slap forehead*.

This was the 7th time she feel sick this year... and it's only June :'(. Despite that, I'm just so glad she's alright now. But looking things at a longer term, how can I improve her immunity? I'm giving her Amway vitamin C, multivitamins, colostrum, spirulina, and bafidus everyday. What else can I do? Mum is suggesting to stop sending her to school until next year when she's stronger. I'm really tempted...

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

penang trip: what we ate

Penang trip was between 4th June 2011 - 6th June 2011. Continuation from here , here, here and here.

The thing about traveling with kids is meals have to revolve around them... food has to suit their liking (and meets their nutrition requirements... but I'm pretty slack about this :-S), waiting time is not too long, timing has to be before their battery runs out (especially for dinnertime), and preferably in an air-conditioned or relatively cooling restaurant.

Given the choice, I would have done what we did during our previous Penang trips before our precious kids arrived. Gobbled down asam laksa, char kuey teow, hokkien mee, rojak and muar chee at EVERY meal. Yes, I'm hardcore Penang food fan! But because now we have the kids to consider, our food menu differed drastically. Not that I'm complaining, I did get to savor some of the local food :-P.

Some Penang delights...
At the foot of Kek Lok Si Temple...
At Butterworth right before we drove for home...Some everyday (normal) food...
Snack of peanut butter sandwiches at Old Town White Coffee...HQ saw a sign "Roti Canai" at a food court along Batu Feringhi and he insisted to have just that for breakfast. Of course, he got QQ's strong support *shake head*Claypot Restaurant during lunch... sharks in salted beans (yummy!), pork belly and mui choy, and spinach in superior soup. Our yummy breakfast at Gurney Drive... soft fall-off-the-bones pork ribs bak kut teh (the herbs were not over-powering so it's just nice for kids) and steamed prompret and vermicelli (never seen or heard of this before... very healthy and tasty!) Dinner at Bidor before continuing our drive home... sweet sour meat, signature homemade tofu in minced meat sauce, fried baby cabbage.Some Western food...
Dinner time were rushed as QQ was already nodding off due to missed naps. We went to The Ship right opposite our hotel... rib steak in brandy sauce, spring chicken, coffee. The kids were kind of disappointed as they thought we're going to a REAL ship, in the middle of the sea... LOL!Another rushed dinner at Ferenghi Garden (also opposite our hotel)... spring chicken in cheese sauce, Vongole pasta (disappointment... I expected it to be like this one here), dessert. And our kids have been having fish & chips everyday!
At Old Town White Coffee, The Ship and Feringhi Garden. See what I mean about rushed dinners?
QQ has been falling asleep or has fallen asleep in the middle of her dinners :-)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

penang trip: toy musuem

Penang trip was between 4th June 2011 - 6th June 2011. Continuation from here , here and here.

Do you know that there is a Toy Musuem in Penang? I didn't. I only got to know about it when both my brother and a friend insisted that we should check that place out. I googled and found that it's the largest toy musuem in the world with 100,000 toys!

The place is fairly easy to find. Located at Jalan Tanjung Bunga, in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel. We went after Botanical Garden and lunch.

After paying for tickets of RM8 per head, we went in. There were a LOT of figurines displayed. VERY impressive. The kids and my Hubs went crazy. They combed the area, aisle by aisle, oohing and ahhing. We heard many excited exclamations here and there by both kids and adults.

Ants... Peter Pan!Pokemon... Chinese orchestra The display shelves are 7 feet high, all filled with toys. There are more than 200 shelves in total, I think! Despite getting excited and all the raving reviews on the net, I was actually disappointed. I definitely give the musuem credit for collecting so many and quite complete sets of toys. However, the place was so poorly taken care of! It was dusty and dirty, with a strong musky smell. Although the toys were pretty cool, they were not well arranged and exhibited. Like this one here... does that look like a display to you? I can't help but got worried that the dust will pose harm to QQ's delicate lungs. We made the tour a quick one and once out of the place, I quickly gave her a puff of her Ventolin with lots of water. (sure enough, she was coughing that night, and developed fever and wheezing the next day :-().

Toy Musuem has so much potential... like a rough diamond. Given some planning and lots of clean up, I'm sure it'll be a shinning gem.

(Sorry for the multiple posts on Penang... I only managed to create short posts, and so they're many of them. Next and the last will be what we ate in Penang.)

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penang trip: botanical garden

Penang trip was between 4th June 2011 - 6th June 2011. Continuation from here and here.

On the second day, the kids woke up bright and early at 7.00 am (eventhough they were awoke since 5.00am the previous morning, missed their naps the previous day, and only fell asleep at 10.00pm the previous night) 7.00 am is really too early to wake up on a holiday! :-(

What was HQ so excited about to wake up so early? He made this list of thing that he wanted to do on that day:

His 1st item - Monkey was meant to be found at Botanical Garden :-). After breakfast, we reached Botanical Garden pretty early at about 8.30 am. But they had some sort of treasure hunt going on, and the place was very crowded! We had to park very far away among the housing areas and walked a very very long way in :-(.

The sun was blazing, and the day was sooooo hot and humid. We were quickly soaked in sweat, hot and sticky. HQ had a change of t-shirts twice! HQ was still cherry, excited at the prospect of seeing some monkeys, and was very enthusiastic. He sort of skipped the whole way :-).

QQ on the other hand, was a total princess and drama queen. She complained, moaned and cried, pestered us to bring her back to the cozy hotel room, and refused to walk. Hubs carried her most of the way *shake head*

Hubs and I have been to Botanical Garden back in 2004, and we had loved the lush greeneries and cool jungle tracks. We remembered soaking our feet in beautiful waterfalls, and seeing lots of monkeys running around. With the kids this time, we stayed safely on the tarred roads, and only caught sight of a few monkeys. Luckily we did not venture to the waterfalls this time, as after we came back from Penang, we saw in the papers that there's some sort of deadly desease spreading at the exact waterfalls at Botanical Garden, Penang.
Beautiful foliage Worker ants working hard to feed the entire colony
HQ showing us lumps of earthworm poo... charming :-). While we were walking, the weather suddenly did a 360 degrees turn, with looming dark clouds and a threatening storm. Enjoying the beautiful view and comfy breeze at the rest area: She's smiling at last :-) We enjoyed the leisurely breezy walk for sometime, before large raindrops started pelting from the sky. Luckily we're already near the exit, and we seeked shelter under a shaded area, while hubby went under the rain to retrieve the car and drove over to fetch us. Overall it was a very nice trip :-). If the kids are a bit older, I would have let them run, play and splash under the rain. Remembering how fun that was, I would have joined them too :-D.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


typical me
and typical himmy fastfood junkie :-). he gets to eat and eat and never grow an inch... *jealous*

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