Friday, June 3, 2011

Papa's birthday weekend (back-dated)

Back-dated post: 10th April 2011 (that was more than a month ago :-S)

Turning one year wiser makes me reflective. Today's fast-paced world has made people busier and less willing to commit their time to an education. But, really; there is no excuse given the resources we have at our fingertips. Online schooling is a great answer to finally fulfilling your dreams, perhaps gaining an online account degree. Education, in any form, elevates every society.

Hubby turned one year wiser on a Sunday, more than a month ago from today :-).

We had a fun celebration of going up Genting, watching a fun movie at the cinema, and HQ drew a meaningful card for him. HQ also drew some party hats for us! :-D

Here's some photos taken at Genting:

Gong Gong and HQ... my boy looks so grown up here!HQ at the nearby temple.We were afraid that QQ's cough, flu and wheezing will act up again, so I bundled her up in 4 layers of clothing :-D. We bought unlimited day passes, and the kids went bonkers with the unlimited rides. The pictures taken indoor were all blurry and dark; the ones shown here are some of the nicer pictures taken outdoor.Besides Papa's birthday card, HQ drew party hats for each of us (at another sitting)... yes drew, cos he said it's too tiring to make so many party hats o.O". Maybe I'll sit down with him and make the party hats with him next time; I'm sure it'll be a fun project :-).

He's very much into creating checklist now; I find it cute that he segregates us into a boy and girl lists, and cut off our names after each party hat is drawn :-) Every party hat drawn is a different pattern and at different sizes. He felt like the greatest kid giving out these "party hats" to everyone while we ooohhh and aaahhh. Here's his checklist; the party hat shown in the insert is mine :-). We watched Rio the next day, which was a blast! The kids loved it! We all loved it! We also bought the DVD, and there was one Sunday where the kids watched 3 times in a row! *bad parenting :-S*All in all, it was a wonderful birthday weekend for all. With all the attention and loving, Hubs was pleased as punch :-D.

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