Sunday, June 19, 2011

penang trip: botanical garden

Penang trip was between 4th June 2011 - 6th June 2011. Continuation from here and here.

On the second day, the kids woke up bright and early at 7.00 am (eventhough they were awoke since 5.00am the previous morning, missed their naps the previous day, and only fell asleep at 10.00pm the previous night) 7.00 am is really too early to wake up on a holiday! :-(

What was HQ so excited about to wake up so early? He made this list of thing that he wanted to do on that day:

His 1st item - Monkey was meant to be found at Botanical Garden :-). After breakfast, we reached Botanical Garden pretty early at about 8.30 am. But they had some sort of treasure hunt going on, and the place was very crowded! We had to park very far away among the housing areas and walked a very very long way in :-(.

The sun was blazing, and the day was sooooo hot and humid. We were quickly soaked in sweat, hot and sticky. HQ had a change of t-shirts twice! HQ was still cherry, excited at the prospect of seeing some monkeys, and was very enthusiastic. He sort of skipped the whole way :-).

QQ on the other hand, was a total princess and drama queen. She complained, moaned and cried, pestered us to bring her back to the cozy hotel room, and refused to walk. Hubs carried her most of the way *shake head*

Hubs and I have been to Botanical Garden back in 2004, and we had loved the lush greeneries and cool jungle tracks. We remembered soaking our feet in beautiful waterfalls, and seeing lots of monkeys running around. With the kids this time, we stayed safely on the tarred roads, and only caught sight of a few monkeys. Luckily we did not venture to the waterfalls this time, as after we came back from Penang, we saw in the papers that there's some sort of deadly desease spreading at the exact waterfalls at Botanical Garden, Penang.
Beautiful foliage Worker ants working hard to feed the entire colony
HQ showing us lumps of earthworm poo... charming :-). While we were walking, the weather suddenly did a 360 degrees turn, with looming dark clouds and a threatening storm. Enjoying the beautiful view and comfy breeze at the rest area: She's smiling at last :-) We enjoyed the leisurely breezy walk for sometime, before large raindrops started pelting from the sky. Luckily we're already near the exit, and we seeked shelter under a shaded area, while hubby went under the rain to retrieve the car and drove over to fetch us. Overall it was a very nice trip :-). If the kids are a bit older, I would have let them run, play and splash under the rain. Remembering how fun that was, I would have joined them too :-D.

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Yee Ling said...

Elise has the same cheongsam as QQ too.

BoeyJoey said...

Oh really? My mum's aunty aka my grand-aunt bought this for QQ :-).


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