Friday, July 29, 2011

dad's and mum's birthday celebration

Back-dated post

July is a birthday month in our family. The first that we look forward to is Dad's birthday on the 17th. We will either have dinner outside or homemade steamboat prepared by Mum. This year, we ate out.

As Mum's Chinese birth date is just 2 days away from Dad's, like most years, we make it a 2-in-1 celebration. Here's the dinner menu: seafood fried rice with ebiko, marmite pork, steamed fish in thick ginger sauce, house specialty tofu, prawns in salted egg yolk sauce and fried water convolvulus in belacan sauce. HQ is such a funny chap that night... he loved the ebiko fried rice and would eat nothing else *shake head*. In contrary, he picked on the dishes using his chopsticks, placed the food in our bowls, and encouraged us to finish them! We later sang a birthday song and blew candles - mixed fruit sponge cake. On Mum's actual English calendar birthday, my brother got another birthday cake for Mum, chocolate cheese from Miki Ojisan :-). Happy Birthdays to both my wonderful parents, Mum and Dad! Thank you for being there for us always! And may both of you live long, happy, healthy and blessed lives! :-D.

The birthday marathon continues with my nephew and QQ's birthday, which I will blog later :-).

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Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom and Dad. Wah your mum smiled till see teeth no see eyes :p

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To Your Mum and Dad! ^_^

Mummy Moon said...

Is is a good idea to have 2 in 1 celebration.. Happy belated birthday to your parents.


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