Sunday, August 21, 2011

this one made me smile :-)

drawn & written by: HQ, age 6y 3m old

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

QQ's 4th Birthday

QQ's birth date is on 20.07.2007. Special isn't it? :-). HQ's birth date is on 19.05.2005. He was borned right on the EDD. If he could have waited a few hours more, his birth date would be 20.05.2005 :-D. Just some trivial notes on birth dates... hee hee

And so, QQ turns 4 last fortnight on a Wednesday. We decided to celebrate a weekend earlier to accomodate everyone's schedule. Here's the birthday princess in her birthday dress :-).
Posing with her best friend; koko :-).
This year birthday dress has a bit more sentimental value to me... not the design, or the fabric, but it is because this dress was sewn during the interview with Nanyang Siang Pau :-). I decided to keep this dress for my little QQ, and it fits her well for her 4th birthday :-).

What's more important is, QQ loves this dress too. How could she not love fluttering pink and purple butterflies, sweet white hearts on pink shoulder ties, and an eye-catching ribbon with yellow flower button. Of course, comfort does play a big role too :-).

The day started with breakfast at a restaurant of her choice - PappaRich. My kids love this place! Well, I have not known any kid who has been to this place and not love it :-). After her usual fish and chips with a hard boil egg, my little munchkin downed a whole huge glass of Dinosaur Milo. o.O" Next, we went to another of her favourite place, the bookshop. Bought a stack of books for the kids and the cousins. After spending a huge amount of time in the bookshop, we had a lovely lunch of pancakes and ice cream. She has strict orders from her Chinese Sinsei not to take anything cold and eat fried food. But since it's the Princess' wish on her birthday, we obliged. After all, Princess or not, one only gets to celebrate her birthday once a year :-D. And oh, she did enjoyed a few rounds on the mini carousal, while big brother HQ played Animal Kaiser. These piccies are snapped by HQ:HQ fell asleep in the car on our way home, and QQ went down with Papa to choose her birthday cake. She said she wanted a strawberry cake in the shape of a flower. A fruit flan cake with strawberries and lychee arranged in a circle, admist other fruits, did the trick :-).
Our dinner at a favourite neighbourhood restaurant - fish slices with ginger and spring onions, spinach in superior stock, chicken in onion sauce, kung po chicken in yam basket, and marmite chicken wings for the 4 of us. Again, fried and unhealthy food, but these are family favourites. On her actual birthday, which was on a Wednesady, we had another round of birthday songs and candles blowing. The kids were already in their pajamas :-) Thank you Gong Gong and Popo for the ang pows. Thank you Tai Yi for your beautiful and thoughtful presents. Thank you Kiu Kiu and Kiu Ngiong for the interesting Calvin and Hobbes comic book. QQ loves all of them :-).

Happy birthday, sweet QQ. May you grow up healthy, strong and happy. We all love you very much! :-D.

QQ past birthday outfits:
One year old dress
Two year old dress
Three year old outfit.

(C) Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text can only be republished with permission and links back to the article/ blog. Thank you :-)


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