Monday, September 12, 2011

cameron highlands 2011

Our family drove up to Cameron Highlands one weekend for a short break. We tailed each other in 3 cars. This was the first time we travel in a big group, a dozen of 8 adults and 4 kids :-).

We arrived for a late lunch. We quickly stopped by the first restaurant that we spotted, and it happened to be a chicken rice shop. We were lucky to beat 2 other customers in grabbing the last chicken... haha! No picture, too hungry :-P).

After lunch, we stopped by Strawberry Farm. Sis was laughing at the strawberries' puniness, but she bought 3 punnets all the same. The adjacent nursery offered some really beautiful blooms though. We had Magnum ice-creams as snack... according to my Sis, Magnum is more expensive in Singapore, so they always eat lots of it when they're in Malaysia... kiasu :-D. At the entrance, we took a family picture. This is from hubby's camera, so hubby's not in the picture. Next, we headed to Boh Tea Centre for a late tea of fragrant tea and very yummy lemon butter cake. The hike up to this hill was pretty easy, compared to the one that we hiked last time (two different tea plantations).
The weather was cooling and windy, with a storm looming ahead. The views were breath-taking... Boys... QQ and Rafa... QQ was estatic that Rafa is calling her "Jie Jie" now. They both enjoyed each other company :-) After checking in our rooms for the night, we drove to the weekend night market. Bought loads of corns, swet potatoes, vegetables and more strawberries.

QQ fell asleep in the car, and was feeling really lousy when we had to wake her up for dinner. Whinning and crying; I really felt sorry for her. After a full dinner of hot comforting steamboat, our little girl felt much much better :-). The next morning after breakfast, we headed to Robinson's waterfall. It was a long way through the jungle track, which was wet and slippery after the night's rain. I wore the wrong shoes, so I walked barefooted to avoid slipping down the clift and into the gushing river :-D. The river was pretty muddy from all the constructions nearby, so we didn't wade in as planned.
After tracking, we stopped at a nearby playground so our kids can have more exercise :-).
I think HQ looks so "yeng " here... heehee. We had lunch at Uncle Chow's, a charming little family restaurant. Food was great, but QQ only requested for white rice, a hard-boiled egg, bread and butter :-). Even a simple cherry scented lipbalm kept her happy for a very long time. Such simple requests to make a little girl happy :-). On our drive home, Dad stopped to buy loads of durian to eat after dinner. As usual, boys will be boys... here's them goofing around with the durians :-). Albeit tiring, it was an enoyable trip :-). To read about this trip in a different perspective, do hop to nivniv Handmade :-).

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Mummy Gwen said... nice..vacationing with your family and loved ones. Looks like all of you had a wonderful and eventful trip. The kids looked like they were the happiest. :)

Kelvin said...

I still can remember the taste of the durian... yum yum

アンゼエリン said...

Wah, nice family trip to Cameron Highland eh...

It has been a long time never hop in ur blog.

Wish u have a nice day..


Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, love your this posting and the very nice pics.
Beautiful family you have. Can see everyone having fun.
I guess Camerons not so cool as it was back in the early '70s.

I have always loved Camerons, Fraziers hill too.
And Camerons hold very special memories to me, a place where I helped a lady find her long lost mother.

I guess Camerons today has lots of holiday resorts....
I used to stay at the Merlin, or Fosters Smoke House in, or Federal hotel old days.
Have a great week.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice weather, nice trip!~

Mummy to QiQi said...

its the company in your vacation that make this outing so memorable. Haha...yes, i have heard about that magnum thing among singaporean too, funny ya...

mNhL said...

vacation with family members is the best....

Daddy said...

Hi..We were at Cameron Highlands for two nights in September as well...Had a nice holiday....Dropping by from Eugene's blog....:)


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