Friday, October 14, 2011

singapore trip 2011: day 1

This year's Hari Raya Holidays coincide with Merdeka Day, and so Hubs and I took 2 days off to enjoy a long stretch of off days :-). We went to Singapore. It was sort of a last minute decision, with less than a week to confirm everything. Very stressful, I tell you!

We heard raves about Costa Sands Resort, and so Sis helped to book a room. We chose this place for the facilities and location. The facilities is superb - there's barbeque pits, a waterpark, a huge indoor kids playground, lots of restaurants and a nice food court within walking distance, a shopping mall and supermarket next door, a 5-minute drive to the beach, bicycles for rent and bicycle tracks. If you're looking for 5-star treatment, this place is not for you. But it fitted our requirements well as a place that's clean, comfortable and very family friendly.

We left at 5.00 am in the morning on Sunday, and the kids were too excited to continue sleeping in the car. The journey was uneventful and very smooth. Stopped at one of the small town in Johor to have breakfast... I've forgotten the name of the town! The kids were still wearing pajamas during their breakfast :-).

We waited for Sis at Costa Sands Resort, and when they arrived, we ate lunch. We're ravenous, so we just ate at the food court at Costa Sands. There's one breakfast + drinks + dessert stall in the food court, and we tried on a few types of dessert after lunch... black glutinious porridge, steamed sago pearls drizzled with creamy coconut milk and fragrant gula melaka, and freshly blended strawberry smoothie... so very yummy and prices very reasonable! Err... sorry, no picture.

After lunch, we checked in. While lazing around in our room, we watched cartoon on tv and ate baby Rafa's snacks of strawberries and blueberries... hee hee. At 4pm, we left for our first tourist destination - the Singapore Flyer. Source

One of the tube Some important landmarks seen while we're on the flyer
Excited kidsWe were already famished before we descended the flyer. The kids especially. Once we're out, we made our way for food at Singapore Food Trial. We had fall-of-the-bone bak kut teh ribs, huge ping-pong-sized fishballs with noodles, yummy rojak, chicken rice, singapore hokkein fried mee, and freshly wrapped popiahs. Again... no pictures!

After we're done eating, we splitted ways... Sis and her family back to her home, and we drove off to Grandma's house with the help of our Papago. Grandma seemed much better in terms of appetite, alertness and skin colour from the last time we saw her. Although she's still bound to her wheelchair, she's quite independant moving around. She has just taken her dinner and was watching television when we arrived. Mum wanted to stay with Grandma for the few days that we're in Singapore. By the time we left it was already very late.

After parking our car at the resort, we had to carry our sleeping kids back to the room. They thought they'll be able to continue with their slumber back in the room, but this cruel mama woke them up to bathe and brush their teeth. Luckily my sleepy kids are angels and did not complain. I think they're too groggy from sleep to make a fuss :-D.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011


You know... I have a very common name. When I was younger and schooling, I met people having almost the same name as mine... Pei Ling, Pei Pei, Pei Sin, Sin Pei, Pei Li, Pei Mun, Pei Yin.

This has became more apparent recently.

My family was at Sunway Hospital for our booster influenza jabs, and we took turns to register. I've misplaced my medical card, so I wrote my full name down for the nurse at the registration counter to look into their database for my record. She told me there's 6 people in the database with the exact full name. Same spelling. SIX.

I was at the dentist waiting for my turn to have my teeth checked. I heard the nurse calling my name, and so I made my way to the dentist room. I was agitated to find another lady following very closely to the same room. In my mind I was saying "Back off, it's my turn!". Turned out it was not my turn, but the other lady. We share the same name... the full surname and given name. How high is the odds meeting another person with the same full name in a dental clinic? With my name, I'd say EXTREMELY high.

My 6 year old, HQ, excitedly told me that he has a new classmate. And even more excitedly he told me his new classmate name is EXACTLY the same as mine... surname and given name.

So, did the above scenarios prove how common my name is?

Don't believe? For those of you who know my name, and if you have nothing to do, you can try keying in my full name with exact spelling in your FB Search column. Wait for the drop down menu to appear, and click on the last item of "See More Results for {my full name}". When the list appears, keep clicking "See more results".

The list will be extraordinarily long.


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


QQ: 4y 2m old

At bedtime, after HQ has fallen asleep, QQ will still want to play, sing, talk, and do whatever that allows her to escape from sleeping. After awhile, she'll be soooo tired, sometimes she starts talking incoherently.

These are some of the incidents that I find pretty funny. For my future records, I've also noted down where she heard the quote from.

We were camping at mum's house for nearly a month, when hubby was away at Jakarta. My Mum and Dad were worried about us being at our own home at night without the man in the house, so they insisted that we sleep at their home for the whole time hubby was away. Hubs is already back as of writing and we have resumed our normal routine.

So while at Mum's place, HQ has fallen asleep on his side of the 2 single beds joined together. QQ was fighting sleep... singng on top of her voice and trying to get my attention by poking and pulling my nose. It's already 11.30pm, and I desperately wanted her to fall sleep so that I can do some work. I told her:

Me : I am going to sleep with korkor and not you because you are making too much noise. Only if you agree to sleep quietly, then I will sleep with you.

I moved to HQ's side. She responded (rather rudely, I'm afraid)

QQ : Why you don't want to play with me!?!?! You want to sleep with korkor, right? Ok, here!

She threw my pillow at me.

Then threw my blanket at me. And yelled:

QQ : Here's your rat, cat!!!

!!! I was then in stitches!

You must be as blur as sotong now :-D

Note: She watched too much of this 1944 Tom & Jerry Classic VCD that I bought during my company trip to Singapore in 2006 - The Zoot Cat. There's a scene where Tom the cat presented to a cute but pompous female cat with a box, containing Jerry the mouse. The female cat thought Tom was corny, and after saying a string of sarcastic words to Tom, she flung the mouse and the box to Tom, while saying haughtily "Here's your rat, cat!". So... when QQ was throwing the blanket at me, she said the same phrase haughtily too. *shake head*

Still camping at Popo's house, QQ was trying to get away from sleeping and begged me to let her out of the room to join her Popo, who's watching TVB drama on TV. I said a firm NO. She responded:

QQ : Pleeeeeaaaaseeee... just a foot? Ok, 8 inches! That's all! Six inches?

Knowing where this came from, I again rolled on the bed laughing. Funny that she said this, instead of her usual "One minute!" or "20 seconds!" although she does not have a good sense of time yet.

Note: My brother presented QQ with a Calvin & Hobbes comic book on her birthday. HQ will read to QQ on evenings when they are good (read: not bickering, fighting or watching tv) and both of them will laugh and laugh. The below is their favourite piece... I'm so lucky to be able to find it in the Net :-). HQ will read, both of them will mimic Calvin's actions, and they will laugh till tears roll down their cheeks :-D. So, that's where QQ's "Pleeeeeaaaaseeee... just a foot? Ok, 8 inches! That's all! Six inches?" came from.


QQ and I were tickling and giggling on the bed... me trying to set her happy mood so she'll readily go to sleep. I asked for a kiss... she responded:

QQ: No!!! It's spiiiiicyyyyy!!!

Note: This one came from me, for times when I'm enjoying my instant noodles and she tried to get a bite from me.

So yeah, that's my funny incoherent complicated 4 year old, when sleepy. And I love her so :-).

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