Thursday, October 13, 2011


You know... I have a very common name. When I was younger and schooling, I met people having almost the same name as mine... Pei Ling, Pei Pei, Pei Sin, Sin Pei, Pei Li, Pei Mun, Pei Yin.

This has became more apparent recently.

My family was at Sunway Hospital for our booster influenza jabs, and we took turns to register. I've misplaced my medical card, so I wrote my full name down for the nurse at the registration counter to look into their database for my record. She told me there's 6 people in the database with the exact full name. Same spelling. SIX.

I was at the dentist waiting for my turn to have my teeth checked. I heard the nurse calling my name, and so I made my way to the dentist room. I was agitated to find another lady following very closely to the same room. In my mind I was saying "Back off, it's my turn!". Turned out it was not my turn, but the other lady. We share the same name... the full surname and given name. How high is the odds meeting another person with the same full name in a dental clinic? With my name, I'd say EXTREMELY high.

My 6 year old, HQ, excitedly told me that he has a new classmate. And even more excitedly he told me his new classmate name is EXACTLY the same as mine... surname and given name.

So, did the above scenarios prove how common my name is?

Don't believe? For those of you who know my name, and if you have nothing to do, you can try keying in my full name with exact spelling in your FB Search column. Wait for the drop down menu to appear, and click on the last item of "See More Results for {my full name}". When the list appears, keep clicking "See more results".

The list will be extraordinarily long.


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prince n princess mum said...

I have common name, too!~ But lucky my surname is not very very common... I only spot 1 person with the exact same chinese full name as mine, but still, with different spelling.. :)

Mom's The Cook said...

hahahha...but i think it's a lovely name :)

mNhL said...

haha... this reminds me of a case. When I was in my form 4, i attended BM tuition. Got 1 guy english name is Willie and whenever the teacher calls him to read a paragraph, I will read instead coz I thought the teacher calls me! So malu!

Mummy to QiQi said...

i used to hate my name Chin nee, because it sounds so, hmmm...uncommon??

But now i kinda like it because there is hardly anyone with the same name (not much in FB though:)

Debbie Y said...

hahah.....that's show you have a nice name where many want to own it too.

Kelvin said...

No matter how many people having the same name as you, you are special to me :D

Mummy Gwen said...

You have lovely name. Mine is common too.


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