Saturday, November 19, 2011

singapore 2011: day 3

This is a forewarn that this post has some really unacceptably blurry images. Due to poor camera, poor photographing skills, poor lighting (and any other reasons that I could not think of at the moment :-)).

On day 3 of our Singapore trip, we planned to go Universal Studio at Sentosa Island, but due to the heavy rain in the morning, we decided not to. We don't fancy lugging a whole lot of umbrellas, caps and hats to that place, queuing under the rain and anticipating many cancelled rides.

And so, we decided to use our free coupons instead, complimentary from the resort. We were really tempted to use the tickets for Wild Wild Wet, the water park of the resort. But for the same reason (heavy rain), we ditched the idea.

We used the tickets for the indoor playground instead, eXplorerkid, which was located inside the shopping mall adjacent to the resort, White Sands Shopping Centre. This decision was strongly seconded by my nephew, because he just had his birthday celebration there and it was one of his most favourite place :-D

The indoor playground is HUGE... no kidding. The playstation(Mega Play) was 3 floors high... and as big as a classroom. Adults have no problem going in too. The kids went ballistic!The lit ball poolThe toddlers' play area
There's also one structure set up for various adventurous activities, which the boys were really eager to try. However, they have to be at least 120cm tall, so none of them got to try it. If we go now, HQ would have just reached that height :-). So the boys climb the cliff instead.I noticed that in playing, HQ prefers to play in a group, while QQ prefers to play on her own. Although HQ do love doing activities on his own like reading, and play pretend with his toys, in this instance, he was playing closely with his cousin and kept encouraging QQ to play with them. He was fabricating a story of spies and baddies and needed QQ as one of his teammate :-)

QQ on the other hand kept running out of the group and exploring the place on her own. Again, although she has no problem playing with friends at other times, in this instance, she wanted to be playing alone.

Funny how kids react at different times :-).

After some really good exercise, we dragged the kids out for a late lunch at a Hong Kong coffee shop. And they doddle on the Boogie Board :-). Click here to read more on how they enjoyed the session :-)

After lunch, Sis and her boys left for her friend's place for a Hari Raya open house. We decided to check out the nearby park & beach. There were lots of facilities available; bicycle tracks, bicycles for rent, a wide clean beach and picnic spots, lots of BBQ plots too, horse rides, fishing spots, etc. After a breezy walk at the beach, we went for dinner. We explored White Sands Shopping Centre next to our resort and crossed the bridge to the opposite mall as well. We ate at Just Acia that offers good healthy food at an amazingly low price... a big bowl of chicken whole leg and chinese herbs soup, yummy seaweed taufu, miso soup, chawan mushi, greens, edamame, tasty panfried salmon, and kimchi. The helpings were pretty generous and the food was fresh. What delighted my kids most is the free flow of drinks and ice-cream :-)After our dinner, we managed to do some shopping. On our way back, we saw a man swirling cotton candy in the cotton candy maker. The kids were fascinated, and wanted to try some. It's really fluffy compared to pre-made ones that we always see at hypermarkets. This is the first time our kids tasted cotton candy, and they loved it.
That's the end of of day 3 tour at Singapore.

The next day we visited Granny again, picked up mum, BIL treated us to a scrumptious lunch, did more shopping and we headed for home. The drive home was smooth, although it did rained quite heavily and we encountered a short stretch of jam at one of the exit to a small town. Forgotten the name of the town, but other than that the drive home was uneventful :-).

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wenn said...

I would love to visit Sg again!

reanaclaire said...

I am going to Singapore too.. but year end.. hope it will be as enjoyable!

Small Kucing said...

Love the pic where she is in the balls. Lovely shot

Mummy said...

Hiya... Not Whitesands. It was Downtown East. :))

slavemom said...

The resort where u stayed sounds vy interesting. A lot of activities w/in the vicinity.


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