Sunday, November 13, 2011

singapore trip 2011: day 2

On our second day in Singapore, we took our time in waking up and by the time we left our room, it was quite late in the morning. We did a quick and simple brekkie at the resort's food court again. After breakfast, Hubs needed to drop by his Singapore office. Again, with the help of our Papago, we made our way. It's a very long stretch of road and by the time we reached Hub's office, QQ has fallen asleep. She must still be tired from the night before.

After taking care of what Hubs had to do in his office, we made our way to Jurong Bird Park. As planned, Sis called us and we met up for lunch. It’s a close fight between Chinese food and McDonalds… in the end Mummies won :-).

QQ with her signature rice on the side of her mouth :-)Here are some pictures taken at Jurong Bird Park.
Here’s how our little Princess enjoyed her tour. Papa, who’s always been her hero, was even more appreciated that day :-D.We enjoyed a bird show at the amphitheatre – Birds are Buddies. The show was filled with pink flamingoes, clever parrots, hornbills and swift eagles.Our kids were really hopeful to be picked as a volunteer…
They really enjoyed the show. Love their happy expressions :-DAt the end of the show, the kids wanted to donate some money to the park, so they made a beeline to the donation box. The place was so crowded I didn't manage to take a photo. After that we moved aside and took a photo with the colourful parrots.Right after “Birds are Buddies”, we went to another show "Kings Of the Skies”. Waiting for the show to start. This show is more informational, sharing the history of birds as predators of different continents. Owls, eagles and vultures. Pretty interesting.Kids insisted to take a photo with one of the “actress” in the show, a noble lady from the Medieval times, with her prized eagle.It was drizzling when the show was over, and we continued with our tour with caps, hats and umbrellas. We went to the lorries station. By the time we left, the park's rangers were already rounding up the place to inform everyone that they were closing for the day. It was dinner time. I remember we were all famished, but I couldn't recall where we had dinner :-(. I asked hubs, and he can't too... Sigh... age is really catching up :-(.

I only recall that that night, while the kids were sleeping, hubs and I got to watch a movie that I've been planning to watch for ages... Pursuit of Happyness, staring Will Smith. It was good :-).

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wenn said...

nice vacation..

Mummy Moon said...

The kids had a great time at the zoo ya!

Mummy Moon said...

Ops, I mean the bird park

Mummy said...

We had dinner at Ajisen Ramen in IMM. Haha... Took me a while to remember though. Food wasn't fantastic that's why cannot recall. :))

BoeyJoey said...

Mummy: Oh, now i remember! The place where the kids sat at the corner and QQ got reprimanded by me cause she kept creeping under the table :-). Food was alright wat... I remember Gabe enjoying his green tea soba :-)


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