Sunday, December 25, 2011

what's on our tree this year...

Thanks to HQ :-)

Merry Christmas, peeps! Hope it's a wonderful, happy and very blessed celebration with your loved ones! :-D

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

This year I've lost 4 people that I know.

My ex-schoolmate was murdered in Amsterdam when she was there for duty. The papers were filled with her news when it happened.

A girlfriend of mine died mysteriously on her bed one night. She was back home in her mum's house, and passed away on the bed that she slept on when she was still single. She left a two year old son.

My cousin was killed in a car accident on his way to attend his elder sister's wedding. I just saw and waved to him the night before he passed away. He was only in his early twenties. It saddened me so much to think that the sister's wedding anniversary coincides with his death anniversary.

And this Monday, I lost a colleague due to pneumonia. The events happened so quickly, and when I learn about her demise on Monday morning, I felt like a bucketful of ice water was thrown on me. Everything was so unexpected. I was in deep shock. We worked together in the same office for 7+ years. She left a much-loved and very precious 3 year old daughter.

Her demise made me suddenly realised how dangerous pneumonia can be. QQ was hospitalised due to pneumonia and bronchitis before, and I had taken everything for granted. It only occurred to me now that it could be fatal.

I hope deep in my heart, that all four of my friends and cousin will rest in peace. I hope they are now at a much better place, with no pain and suffering. You will always have a place in my heart.

Life is short, so unexpected and so fragile. From now onwards, I vow to always treasure my loved ones. I will spend more time with them, be more patient with my kids, and spoil them a little bit more. I will love more, laugh more, and rest more.

Happy Dong Zhi, everyone. Be home early for dinner tonight. I know I will.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

HQ is reading thicker books now :-)

My Sis presented HQ with a Geronimo Stilton book - Four Mice in the Jungle last Christmas 2010, when HQ was 5.5 years old. He took the book, gave it a fast flip, read probably 2.5 pages, and chucked it aside.

I bought The Enchanted Woods series and presented to HQ for his 6 year old birthday in May 2011. The series comprises of 3 books – The Enchanted Woods, The Faraway Tree and The Folks at the Faraway Tree. I was hoping that I can get the exact library copies that I loved when I was a kid… hardcover large books filled with adoring images. It took me many months to find these books, and when I saw one last torn set selling in Popular Summit USJ, I grabbed it. The one that I managed to find were softcover and loaded with words. Very few black and white images of the characters, drawn rather unattractively. He took the first book, flipped it, read probably 1.5 pages, and gave it back to me.

I knew he can read the books, as he has read National Geographic, and excitedly narrated info that interested him correctly. Although there were big words, he gets the overall picture. And I knew The Enchanted Woods and Geronimo Stilton, filled with exciting and imaginative tales will interest him. But he told me the books were boring… if only he reads further to find the interesting parts!

Anyway, mid October, I think he finished reading his current collection of books, when he reached for The Enchanted Woods. He never stopped reading since then (HQ: 6y 4m old) :-). He was bringing this book around in his little bag, filled with other books to everywhere we go. He was reading in the car, while having meals in restaurants, and at the barber! :-) He often tell the stories to me, and sometimes read to his Meimei :-). As of now, he has finished reading Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Woods, Geronimo Stilton - Four Mice in the Jungle (he said he took 2 days to finish this book!), Geronimo Stilton - Race Across America, Tintin in America, Tintin: The Crab with the Golden Claws and Tintin: Red Rackham's Treasure (yes, he's very into Tintin too!)

For this long school holiday, he has pestered his Papa to buy more Geronimo Stilton books. One visit to Popular book store, and he ended up with four new Geronimo Stilton books. We didn't want to spend so much at one time, but he wouldn't let go even one book. At last, Papa relented. Was HQ happy! At the shopping mall, waiting for Papa to get money from the ATM machine. HQ can't wait to read his new Geronimo Stilton book! His reading habit... he will read a few books at a time. He will read a few pages of one book, then change to another book. Read a few pages of the second book, then continue with the first/ third book. With the help of bookmarks, he's able to continue where he stopped. To my surprise, he doesn't get the stories mixed up, as he tells the story correctly.

Right now he's reading Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree and Geronimo Stilton - I'm not a Super Mouse at the same time. And he reads in different positions and places too. It is also very usual for him to have a reading marathon for a few days and then chuck them aside, only to continue reading after an interval of a few days. Sometimes not reading anything up to weeks! Such is the reading habit of a kid who gets bored easily :-S.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

western... but not so western...

It's not often that I cook western food, and when my kids requested for a burger dinner, I did it a mish-mash version :-)

I cooked exactly like how I do usually... Eastern style sweet & sour pork chops (sorry, non-halal) and carrots and french beans.
Instead of serving the food with rice in bowls, I served them with burger buns on plates (this was QQ's portion). Hee hee... kind of cheating yeah :-)
And washed down the meal in a Chinese soup of ribs, lotus root, corn and carrot :-)
Both my kids loved their meals :-). Here's my little munchkin enjoying hers. She couldn't scarf the burger into her mouth as is, so she ate the top bread half first and the rest later as an open sandwich. I was really happy that she polished the whole burger and all the vege! But she complained that she was toooo full afterwards, so she skipped the apples :-).

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Incident hapened in August 2011: HQ was 6y 3m old

The iPad is a god sent on weekends when we need the extra shut-eye but our kids think otherwise. Like any other day, they are up (and active) from latest 7.30am onwards (sometimes as early as 6am! *faint*). And so we chuck the iPad on their faces and we continue our slumber for another 30 - 60 minutes. Lazy parents... :-)

Hubs taught HQ how to do a search on Google. It is now his to go place when he wants to look at cool pictures and read interesting facts about his favourite subjects - dinosaurs and animals. So, when he gets bored playing Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies or other silly games, he'll Google.

Some time ago, he discovered something via Google, and he excitedly told me about it.

It's "You To Be" he said.

I said, "You be what?".

"It's movies on the Internet!" he told me.

And I found out, he actually meant "Youtube"


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Monday, December 5, 2011

our little "date"

Hubs and I attended Hub friend’s wedding last Saturday at Damansara Heights. It was like a long-awaited “date” for us :-D.

We started the day by explaining to our kids that we needed to go to a wedding dinner. Of course they wanted to follow. But we explained that kids are not allowed, beer and wine will be served (not suitable for kids), bla bla bla. In response to that, my little boy suggested that since they (kids) can’t go, why not we (adults) stay home with them as well? Hubs explained that because they (Hub’s friends) attended our wedding dinner, so we have to attend theirs as well. Luckily HQ accepted that reason… phew!

We have tried bringing our kids to a friend’s wedding dinner before. It was tiring and so unmanageable. It’s different when we attended my brother’s and relative’s weddings where my parents were there as well to lend a hand. At friends’ wedding dinners, we concluded that it’s best just to give ang pow and not to go. Until now, we decided we shall go, without the kids. Hee hee hee. We are very lucky that Mum volunteered to baby-sit. Thanks so much, Mum & Dad! :-D.

So it was an enjoyable evening :-). For once, we can eat in peace and have proper adult conversations with friends. And I can take my time in the washroom :-). I felt so liberated!
My dress that night. I bought this dress online from here, and unlike other miss or hit online purchases, I am very happy with this dress. Thanks so much, Shireen :-). Too bad I didn’t get to snap a full length photo… too paiseh, I seemed to be the only one snapping photos before the dinner :-). We left at 10.00pm right after the dinner and yum seng (no after-dinner clubbing for us) and reached Mum’s place at 10.30pm. Surprisingly the kids were still awake; they’re waiting for us to return! Hahaha… it would be our turn to wait for them to come home when they reach their teens :-D.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

QQ's first kindy concert

QQ: 4y 3m old

HQ's last kindergarten concert was also QQ's first concert. Unlike HQ who started kindy when he was 3, QQ only started when she was 4. Which is this year.

She was so excited about her concert. Mainly, she's excited about her very sparkly (and sexy) costume. Although she felt uncomfortable in it (she kept scratching her waist while doing her moves on the stage), she loved it to bits. And she's also very excited about putting on make-up. Haha... this was the first time she put on make-up and was the main highlight of her day :-D.

Here's my little vainpot putting on her make-up. She's so afraid that she may smudge her lipgloss and kept her lips pursed; haha!All done! :-DWith korkor :-)
She did 3 dances that day. Here's the video of one of the dances (she's the girl in the middle).

While dancing the other 2 dances, she was communicating with her other friends who were not on the stage. Calling out to her friends, waving, making angry faces, and laughing with her friends... this girl gets distracted very easily... tsk tsk tsk :-)She also sang a solo English song. The teacher chosed a simple song for her. She stammered when she introduced herself; instead of saying "I am here to sing a song named Mary had a Little Lamb", she said "I am here to sing Mary had a Little Lamb". Because of that missed word "song", she stammered and thought she had to say the whole sentence again :-). If you listen carefully, she sang a little faster than the music. And the poor girl got to sing 4 rounds of the same song following the music, over and over again. At the end of it, parents were clapping their hands in tune to the song, and singing along with her :-D

It's ok, mistakes and all, she still enjoyed herself :-). And by going on stage alone, I think she gained a bit more self confidence :-).

She received the Best Reader Award (English), for reading her Peter and Jane series (1a to 3c) well. She was also placed 2nd in her class of 22 students. We were rather surprised that she scored quite high in her Mandarin reading too :-)
Emotionally, her teachers commented that she's an easy-going child, happy, very courteous and always ready to help :-). She's generous most of the time, but if she says no, and kids still snatch her things, she'll retaliate. Her weaker point is although she's very fierce in protecting herself/ her stuffs, she cries easily too (more like tears of anger) :-S.

Good job, Mei mei! We're mighty proud of her :-).

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