Thursday, December 22, 2011

This year I've lost 4 people that I know.

My ex-schoolmate was murdered in Amsterdam when she was there for duty. The papers were filled with her news when it happened.

A girlfriend of mine died mysteriously on her bed one night. She was back home in her mum's house, and passed away on the bed that she slept on when she was still single. She left a two year old son.

My cousin was killed in a car accident on his way to attend his elder sister's wedding. I just saw and waved to him the night before he passed away. He was only in his early twenties. It saddened me so much to think that the sister's wedding anniversary coincides with his death anniversary.

And this Monday, I lost a colleague due to pneumonia. The events happened so quickly, and when I learn about her demise on Monday morning, I felt like a bucketful of ice water was thrown on me. Everything was so unexpected. I was in deep shock. We worked together in the same office for 7+ years. She left a much-loved and very precious 3 year old daughter.

Her demise made me suddenly realised how dangerous pneumonia can be. QQ was hospitalised due to pneumonia and bronchitis before, and I had taken everything for granted. It only occurred to me now that it could be fatal.

I hope deep in my heart, that all four of my friends and cousin will rest in peace. I hope they are now at a much better place, with no pain and suffering. You will always have a place in my heart.

Life is short, so unexpected and so fragile. From now onwards, I vow to always treasure my loved ones. I will spend more time with them, be more patient with my kids, and spoil them a little bit more. I will love more, laugh more, and rest more.

Happy Dong Zhi, everyone. Be home early for dinner tonight. I know I will.

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coffeesncookies said...

yes. life is short and sometimes when we want to blow up at our loved ones.. we should pause for a moment and count our blessings. Getting to know you, my friend, is a blessing for me too. Cherish life and our loved ones.
Merry Christmas and Happy Dong Zhi to you and yours :D

アンゼエリン said...

Life is unpredictable. We wouldn't know what happen to us tomorrow. Remember to live happily everyday.

Happy Dong Zhi to you and ur family.

Mummy Gwen said...

Your post really touch my heart. Spending time with my family is my top priority.

Happy Winter Solstice to you and your family!

goolypop said...

:*( so sad one..

A Mom's Diary said...

It's always so so sad to read about young people untimely demise. I cannot imagine the pain and guilt that your cousin sister must be feeling :-( May your friends and cousin rest in peace.

Mummy to QiQi said...

I'll keep your stories in mind, be patient with my kids more, and not just think of achieving what I have always wanted for myself :p

Kit said...

Hi BoeyJoey,

I just lost my aunt on Boxing Day too. Although she's been ill for a few years, I can't help thinking of her 3 kids now who are without their mother.

I know how you feel about cherishing the precious time we have on earth.

Belated Happy New Year to you. Hope that you're feeling better now.

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

This post really touched my heart too. 2011 didn't treat me very well coz I lost my dad. Christmas this year isn't the same and the coming CNY won't be the same too. Yeah so, I agree spend as much time with your love one as much as possible.

mNhL said...

life is so unpredictable.


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