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first day of school, 4th Jan 2012

Back-dated post. I know it's kind of out of topic when everyone is blogging about CNY now :-), but gotto blog it soonest before my memory fails me :-).

After school orientation on 31st Dec 2011, 4th Jan 2012 was officially the first day of school for HQ. The school allows parents of Primary 1 students to be in the school area for the first 2 days. I took leave for both days and was prepared to spend 6-7 hours in the school each day.

I planned to brief HQ on the first day on timing for different activities, managing and spending his money, where to wait for the Van Aunty, etc. I will supervise on the second day to see how he flares.

Pointers for HQ:
1. Eat breakfast as early as possible once reached Popo's house
2. Take bath at 11.30 am and change to school uniform
3. Eat lunch at 11.45 am
4. Be ready to wait for Van Aunty to come at 12.00 noon.
5. Once reached school, put bag at assembly area and go to toilet. Must get back to the assembly area by 12.45 pm.
6. Break starts at 3.00 pm. Must get back to class before 3.25 pm. During the 25 minutes, he is to eat his packed food, buy anything else to eat if still hungry, and go to toilet.
7. School ends at 6.30 pm. Wait for Van Aunty at bus lane no. 1.

Ready for school :-). He was very excited sitting in the transporter's Avanza as it has 3 rows of seats... haha. I planned to meet him in school, but I only managed to find a parking space after making 3 rounds at the nearby shoplots. When I reached his school, I had missed the van. Luckily the kids were seated at the assembly area according to classes and I spotted HQ easily.

With still 30 minutes to 12.45 pm, I thought of exploring the school canteen with him while it's still not full with students. With his RM 2 pocket money, he bought a Solivite and 3 pieces of fried nuggets. So he spent all his pocket money before school even started! He ate one piece of nugget and added the other 2 into the tupperware where his char siu bun was packed in. I was very surprised on the things that are sold in the canteen; will share more on this in a different post.

School starts
Once the kids got in their classes, HQ started talking amiably with Jason and the kids sitting behind him. I think he enjoyed talking to his new friends very much and told me to wait for him in the canteen at 3.00pm o.O". I just hope he will not be too talkative and playful during class and "earn" some points there.

I chatted with some parents outside the class. While there, I caught HQ looking out of the windows several times and giving me cheeky smiles, and calling out to me on his way to the toilet :-) Doing some colouring. HQ asking permission to sharpen his colour pencils at the dustbin behind. Teacher Lee later asked him to sit down as he started helping his new friend to sharpen his colour pencils too :-)At 2.30pm, I saw HQ held up his hand and told the teacher in Mandarin that he was hungry. Teacher laughed and told him to wait for break time. Just after she has spoken, a plump little boy sitting 2 seats behind HQ took a bun out and started munching away. The teacher took his bun away and gave a lecture about not eating in class.

I have more shocking stories about this plump little boy, and how the teacher reacted. I might write about it in a different post ;-)

Break time
Primary One kids get to go out 5 minutes earlier for break, so a total of 25 minutes for them to eat and go to toilet. Ready with his tupperware of food and bottle of water, he was so sweet to wait at the door for Jason, and held his hand on the way to the canteen. We met halfway and we walked together. Jason joined his Mum and sister.

I've never seen HQ eat this fast before. He walloped the whole char siu bun and 2 pieces of nuggets in 5 minutes flat. Must be really hungry due to early lunch. Then he asked me for another ringgit to buy more food to eat. I wondered if his daily pocket money of RM2 is enough?After putting his tupperware and water bottle in his classroom, he went to toilet. Again he waited for Jason at the toilet before going back to class with him :-).

Class continues
Class continued after school break, and parents continued to hover around the classrooms like vultures... haha. But by this time, we saw the Headmistress who's in charge of afternoon session, walking past all classrooms, calling out to parents to leave their kids alone. Parents are to wait in the canteen. She was waving her CANE while talking to us PARENTS.

By the way, canes do not belong to the classrooms. Canes belong to teachers. Every teacher has one, and she bring her cane to wherever she goes. Reminded me of the wands that each witch/ wizard holds in Harry Potter movies o.O".

In the canteen, I exchanged phone numbers with other mummies. Felt very "housewifey" at that moment :-). Hubs joined me to wait for HQ at about 6.15pm.

Class dismisses
Class dismisses at 6.30pm. Primary 1 students get to dismiss earlier by 10 minutes. Students were grouped into 2 - one to go to Gate A to wait for parents, and the other group to go to Gate C to wait for busses/ vans. On the first day, teachers led the groups.

HQ waited for the Van Aunty at Lane 1 of Gate C. Besides HQ, she is also fetching 4 other kids home and her own son who's in Secondary 2, whose class dismisses at 6.45pm. Once we saw that HQ had followed the group, hubs and I went on our own way. I was surprised that the transporter brought the Primary kids to another location to wait for her son. This worried us. Will write about this more in another post.

So far, HQ is ok in following the schedule. He wears a watch and is mindful of the time for each activity. I'm hopeful that the strict rules in school will train him to be more diciplined, responsible, and better at taking care of himself. I was rather afraid he may feel contrained with all the rules and regulations, however, seeing that he's happy going to school and is still as playful and cheeky, I am rest assured :-).

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prince n princess mum said...

Looks like he's coping well in school!~

LittleLamb said...

He is very steady. I guess he dont need u around...

BoeyJoey said...

LittleLamb: He insisted I need to be in his school on the first 2 days. The thought of having me there kind of reassure him gua :-)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your boy looks very tall and matured for his age, like a Std 3 boy. Looks like he is taking new school in a stride :)


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