Monday, January 9, 2012

HQ's primary one orientation day

HQ attended his school orientation day for Primary 1 on the last day of 2011 (31st Dec 2011). Orientation day only lasted 3 hours - 1 hour each for registration in respective class, headmaster's briefing to parents and school tour for kids (done at the same time seperately) and submission of forms and other miscellaneous fees.

HQ's names starts with B, so we got to be the first person who register... no waiting :-D. After registration, hubs and I went out of the class to fill up required forms. The children were tempororily seated in alphabetical order. There's 48 kids in his class, and 12 classes for Primary One. There's only one kid from HQ's Kindy in his class. HQ quickly made friends with the boy sitting next to him, Jason. Both are English speaking and they clicked together instantly.

I like his class very much for it's the nearest to the toilet and canteen. Empty space on both sides of the class, so it's very windy too :-).

Caught us spying at him from outside the classroom. Jason's Mummy was very interested with HQ's name :-).
Headmaster's Briefing, school rules & security
After registration and filling up some forms, we made our way to the school hall for the headmaster's briefing. We climbed 4 floors to get to the hall *pant pant pant* I expected the place to be crammed with parents, but found that the hall was HUGE and very well aired.

The Headmaster showed some slides on school rules and school map. School rules are very strict... botak hairstyle for boys and boy-cut for girls, no running and making noise in school compound, no visiting the toilet except before class, during reccess and after class. I find the last one too much, but according to my son, he tried asking politely to go to toilet during classes on his first week of school, and the teacher let him go. He told me he just had to get back to class promptly and not loiter around the school compound. Any kid caught not following the school rules will be given points, depending on severity. An accumulated of 40 points results in the kid getting expelled o.O".

I like the school's security and order. The school used to have many doors, but now all are locked permanently for safety, except for 3 main gayes. Anyone foreign (parents included) wanting to enter the school during classes will have to produce an IC and register his/ her details at the guardhouse. Only one gate (B) to come in the school, and 2 gates (A & C) to go out after school. Parents fetch kids from the main gate, and for kids sitting in school bus or private vans, they wait at another gate. This gate is like a bus station, with 10 lanes for the buses to drive in and has a queing rail for each lane. I'm actually very impressed with this :-).

We were quite dissapointed that there's no extra-curricular classes for Primary One kids, except Tee-Kwan-Do. Ah well, will wait for next year then.

School tour
While we were at the briefing, the kids followed their class teacher for a tour around the school. I remembered when I was in Primary One, I was intimidated by the school. I remembered that I got lost too when I went to the toilet on my first day of school. I'm thankful to find that HQ could navigate between the toilet, canteen, class, teacher's room, assembly area before class, and public phone effortlessly.

Here's after the orientation, HQ couldn't wait to give us a school tour :-). Catering at the canteen
I enquired about catering at the canteen. Like other school, catered kids have their own designated seats. I'm quite happy with the fees of RM 50 per month, but was aghast with the menu :-(. Every week the kids are served with fried mee, fried kwei tiew, porridge/ fried rice, chee cheong fun, and instant noodles. I'm happy with fried rice/ porridge. I'm ok with my kids eating mee, kwei tiew and chee cheong fun occasionally, but not every week. And instant noodles! This is definitely a big NO! I thought the canteen should have better options, and since HQ said he prefers to buy his own food too, we obliged. Good for him to learn to manage his money too.

Stretching his legs after orientation. Looks like this would be the only time he could run freely without being caught o.O".
That's the end of my long-winded account of HQ's orientation day. Can see that HQ was happy and excited on that day. Looks like a good start :-).

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Yee Ling said...

Wow..seems the school rules are quite strict.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh he looked so happy there going around his school :) i'm sure he'll fit in fine. hmm...i didn't hear Ashley's school rules about the toilet thingy. hopefully they are not that strict :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Pei Yi, I initially catered for QQ too, but found out she did not go and collect her food coz she was busy playing with her friends. Canteen man was very kind to refund fully after 3 days anyway.

I am sure HQ will soon love his new freedom in BIG kid school.

LittleLamb said...

I think strict is good cos strict means discipline. This is what the chinese schools are good at.

prince n princess mum said...

Looks like he's happy to go for primary one!~

mNhL said...

Din know primary school have such strict rules. HQ entered Chinese school?


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