Monday, February 20, 2012

HQ and his PSP

When my grand nephew offered to let HQ play with his PSP, HQ declined. He just sat next to him and watched. HQ later saw some of his friends playing with this gadget too, and he started asking us for one.

Since he's already playing with iPad and iPhone games quite often, we told him "No".

We forgot about the whole matter until recently we went to pasar malam (night market), and the kids chose 2 new wallets for themselves. The hook on HQ's wallet that he uses in school is tearing off, so we're buying a new one for him (and one for Meimei too).

The wallets cost RM2.30 each, made of cheap PVC and has 3 panels for notes and coins. The front section has the most colorful and attractive pictures of cartoon heroes. HQ chose a Ben Ten. QQ was torn between Disney Princess and Hello Kitty. In the end she went home with Kitty.

Now how do new PVC wallets connect to the PSP?

When the kids travel in the car, and have nothing much to do, HQ dished out his PVC wallet and started to pretend that it's his PSP.


He'll punch on the imaginary buttons on his wallet with his thumbs, and move his body about as though enjoying a very interesting game of Ben Ten versus monsters on his "PSP". Sometimes its a game of ships, pirates and treasure. Other times, it's motor race, spaceships, war games or animals. Complete with very distinctive story lines and sound effects.

Very soon, QQ started to follow suit with her Hello Kitty wallet as well... of course playing with her imaginary princess game.

This morning, I heard HQ telling QQ that he's downloading Dora the Explorer II for QQ's "PSP", which is a newer version compared to the one she's playing.

(Really... I don't know at all if PSP can download games? HQ might probably not know too)

Although all the imaginary and noisy games that he plays on his PVC wallet may sound silly, I love the fact that my son is not demanding, angry or bitter about not getting a PSP that he requested. Instead, he thought of something equally entertaining, which is probably better for his eyesight and imagination :-).

PS: He has also asked if he does well in his exam, can he have a PSP as a reward? We are still thinking about it...

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VanessaJezamine said...

Oh, a total sweetie pie! What's best, he even thinks thoughtfully about his sister by updating her 'imaginary' PSP! So sweet them both, you taught them well!

BoeyJoey said...

Hi Vanessa! Haven't heard from you for so long! Thanks for the lovely comment :-)

Alice Law said...

Your boy is such imaginative child, he can really go far with his endless imagination!


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