Monday, May 28, 2012

he made me promise

HQ: Mama, can you promise me something?

Me: Yes, what is it?

HQ: If you are in my school, or anywhere near my school, please please please remember not to hug me or kiss me ok? 

Me: Why? *amused* 

HQ: Because if my friends see you hugging or kissing me, they will laugh at me. They will die of laughing! So pleeeeeeease promise not to do that ok? 

I'm tickled by his request, but at the same time hoping that this request will not come at all :-). I know this is quite common among kids his age; do you just agree to your kid's request, or feign forgetfulness to steal a peck or two? :-) 

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kidzania - QQ's experience

Back-dated post (4th March 2012 - Sunday)
You can read HQ's Kidzania experience by clicking on the link. 

QQ's Kidzania Experience
(QQ was cheperoned by Mama and pictures were taken by both Papa and Mama)

I have briefed the kids a few days before about our Kidzania trip, and they were pretty excited about it. QQ was seen writing down the events since early that morning. She needed us to spell many of the words for her, and althought the events were written chronologically, she forgot to note down the time :-).

QQ as Alice (Not)
QQ wanted to be a Princess, and so I told her she might have the chance to be a Princess at the Theatre. So we went. By the time we reached, the room was already packed to the brim. QQ was led in and I waited outside with other parents.

Turn out the play that they're going to act out was "Alice in Wonderland". I saw QQ picking up little balls with different roles written on them from a Santa Clause hat, and at each ball, my little QQ shook her head. QQ wanted to be a Princess, but of course there's no such role. In the end, the attendant brought an Alice dress and coaxed QQ to take up the role as Alice. QQ relunctantly agreed.

QQ clad in the Alice's dress; which is way too big for her. Photo was taken from the tiny glass pane on the wooden door, and enlarged. 

As we parents waited outside, we could only take glimpses at our kids through the little glass panes on the wooden doors. Seeing QQ rehearsing her speech with the attendant, I decided to step away and visit other booths to check out the schedules for other jobs.

I was gone for some time and by the time I came back, I found QQ sobbing while the attendant tried to cheer her up. Oh dear, oh dear... I quickly went in. QQ caught sight of me and ran to me, hugging me tightly. While I was away, she wanted a drink of water and came out looking for me with the attendant. She could not find me and got worried that I have left without her. Thus the sobbing.

My poor girl, she was so worked up and eventhough she was briefed of the Alice role, she didn't want to be away from me anymore. She said she didn't want to be in the play, but she wanted to watch the play. And so, we sat throughout the play; QQ as one of the spectator instead.

QQ the Painter
QQ wanted to take up the Teacher job at the School, but that department was not open yet. As we walked along, we passed the Art School, and she wanted to paint. After paying 5 Kidzos, she sat there happily painting away.
Enjoying one of her favourite activities... QQ has always loved painting! :-)
I stood outside to wait for her; this time, I made sure she could see where I was. She kept turning to where I was, just to check if I was there. She must be traumatized from the earlier incident.

QQ got a Face Painting
After the painting session, QQ spotted a face painting booth opposite the Art School and wanted to check it out. She was excited about getting her face painted and she choose a lovely rainbow. This cost her 30 Kidzos. The wait was long but worth it :-). 
Here's our happy girl with her rainbow :-)

QQ the Manicurist
After the face painting, QQ wanted to get a body art sticker. I reminded her of her depleted funds and suggested that she should take up a job to earn more Kidzos. After walking around for awhile, she wanted to be a Manucurist.

The queue was long and the wait was even longer. Moreover to work for the salon, we got to look for QQ's customer. Luckily 2 little sisters wanted to get manicures and QQ quickly hook up with the younger sister.
Very happy doing her job :-).

QQ the little Chef
After earning her first paycheque as a Manicurist, QQ said she wanted to do more jobs. She had changed her mind about getting a body art that she wanted earlier. For now, she wanted to cook. So we waited for a long time outside the Ayam Brand Cooking School. Here, she paid another 10 Kidzos for her cooking lesson.
QQ wrapping her sandwich that she made in foil. The sandwich ended up looking like pickeld vegetables (ham choi) :-S

At 3.00pm, we met up hubby and HQ, and we left for a late lunch at Ying Ker Lou Hakka Restaurant and ice cream as dessert at The Curve. Hung out a little bit at MPH Bookstore before we left for home.

From here, we noticed that while HQ was busy earning Kidzos and was ever so careful with his hard-earned Kidzos, QQ here nearly spent all her Kidzos without batting an eyelid :-) 

QQ was 4y 7m old that time.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HQ turns Sev7n!

HQ turns seven on 19th May 2012 (Saturday)!

It was in between the exam week (exam starts on 14th May and last till the following week on 21st May), and so we did a mini celebration at school on 18th May (Friday).

The classroom was crammed with tables and chairs as the kids were all seated singlarly for the exams. The kids were so happy singing birthday songs, eating cakes and receiving bags of party packs (Angry Birds theme!). Can see that HQ was super happy too, and that night, he thanked hubs and me for having the celebration in school for him :-).   

Cropped from the only video that I took while the kids sang birthday songs. I forgot the lighter, so candles were not used. HQ was acting cool there, happy but refraining himself from smiling too wide... haha! And of course, his little sister had to be there :-).
On HQ's actual birthday, which was a Saturday, he attended his enrichment classes like usual. So, meals were taken in between classes at all his favourite places :-). McDonalds' Happy Meal for breakfast, fish & chips and seafood spaghetti at Ice Room for lunch, and loads of ebiko sushi, tempura and nabeyaki udon for dinner. Cakes for dessert :-). As he still has another paper to sit on Monday (Science and Technology in Mandarin), HQ did his last-minute revision at home on Sunday.  
I hope these 2 kiddos will become the best of friends when they grow up :-)

Papa and kids... birthday boy sure looks happy there :-)
Mama and kids... QQ was getting sleepy :-)
Seven sure sounds like a huge number, and my boy seems so grown up now :').

He's funny, sensitive, thoughtful, and still a big ball of energy all the time! He's sweet, intelligent, and growing into a little man whom we're proud of :-).

Right now he's doing the followings:
- HQ loves school, the freedom school offers and his friends from school. His good friends are Jason and Vincent, but his best friend is Tai Chee Sing.

- HQ has started enrichment classes in school. He loves his Robotics and Mental Arithmatic classes, both held on Saturdays. He will be starting Wushu class as well in June, held on Sundays.

- On a typical school day, HQ reaches Popo's home from school at about 7pm. Right after kicking off his shoes, socks and school shirt (he wears a singlet underneath), he will dig out his homework to do. While having his dinner. He's always very kanjiong about his homework and makes sure he finishes them before taking his bath.  

- He still surprises us with his thoughtfulness and sweetness, like when he bought a rose for me on Mother's Day using his own pocket money. On Teachers' Day, he did the same for his teachers... buying 4 red pens worth RM 0.50 each for 4 teachers (spread over two days to purchase) :-D.

- HQ is stubborn and has a neck of steel. No bribe, threats or coaxes works when he set his mind on something. He will listen to our reasonings, but he will still try to do things his own way. After he has tried and he saw that his way doesn't work, only then he will consider our suggestions. So, basically, this kid of mine prefers to learn things through trials and errors o.O"

- His school conducts Di Zi Gui mini classes for 15 minutes every day before school starts, and I can see its effect rubbing on him. Mum reported to me that one day my Aunt and her daughter (my cousin) came to visit. After greeting the visitors politely, HQ went to to the kitchen, washed two glasses, poured water into the glasses, served the drinks to the visitors, and asked them politely to drink. Without being told! And we have never ask him to take drinks for visitors, so this is purely based on his own initiative. He only started playing with my niece after serving the drinks. He made his Popo and Gong Gong very proud that evening :-)

Happy Birthday, my big boy HQ! Grow up healthy, strong and happy! Papa, Mama, Meimei, Gong Gong and Popo love you very very much!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

QQ asked us a riddle

HQ has been asking us riddles and telling us jokes that he read from the Internet (don't worry, they're decent jokes from American kids' sites, not those dodgy ones :-))

Some of the jokes and riddles are meant for older kids, and we need to explain them to him so that he fully understands them, especially those with puns. Once the kids understand the jokes, we had a good time laughing. Though the jokes and riddles are quite silly sometimes, the kids had fun :-).  

QQ picked up some of them and has been telling them with some forgotten words, which made them quite funny in her own way :-D.

Encouraged by our responses, one day, out of nowhere, QQ MADE UP her own riddle.

QQ: Do you know why KLCC is called KLCC?

We tried:
Because it represents Kuala Lumpur City Centre?
Because it is located at the city centre of Kuala Lumpur?

HQ tried:
Because people go there to see-see things?  (CC = see-see = direct translation from 看看)

All of us were wrong.

Here's QQ's "correct" answer:

QQ: Because KLCC is full of sissies!!!  :-D

CC = sissy (get it? get it?)


QQ was approximately 4y 6m old that time.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Kidzania - HQ's experience

Back-dated post (4th March 2012 - Sunday)

I was over the moon when I learned that Kidzania is opening in KL. I read about Kidzania in Jakarta sometime ago from this mummy's blog, and I knew it's a place where my kids would love to go :-). What's more exciting is, Kidzania KL was doing a promo then and giving out free tickets! (Note: This promo is over, so got to buy tickets from now on).

For info, Kidzania is described as a kiddos' world. There's jobs to apply for where kids earn Kidzos (Kidzania's currency), and places to spend them as well. The little city is realistically designed, only that everything is in kid-size. Well, that's my description, but you can find more info here.

Just for notes:
HQ's dream occupation at the moment - Secret Agent
QQ's dream occupation at the moment - Princess (duh... sometimes she'll say Teacher, but most of the time, it's Princess)

At the registration counter that day, we saw Chin Nee and her family :-). Here's her account of Kidzania at her blog.

Having about 30 minutes to spare before we start, we went to McDonalds. Which was a good thing as hubs haven't taken his breakfast. While hubby chomped away, the kids pored over the map and circled the jobs that they want to take up.
Since both kids have distinctively different interests, we decided to split, HQ and Papa in a team, and QQ and Mama team.
HQ circling the jobs that he wanted to take up.

First stop was the bank, where each kid banked out 50 Kidzos. Can't wait to start playing!
Kids with their 50 Kidzos banked out
As the kids went seperate ways, cheperoned by an adult, I'll blog their experiences seperately.

HQ's Kidzania Experience
(HQ was cheperoned by Papa and pictures were taken by Papa)

HQ the CSI officer
HQ wanted to take up the job of Secret Agent, but unfortunately that department was not ready yet. So he took up something close, a CSI officer. 
Having a briefing on their tasks.

HQ with his first paycheck! Can't wait for his "REAL" first paycheck... hahaha!
HQ was very interested with the CSI scope of work, in fact he said that this is his favourite job of all other jobs he's taken up in Kidzania. Mainly, I think it is because it involved solving a mystery, understanding how it works (case briefing + structured way (kind of) of solving a case), some similarity to be a Secret Agent and wearing some cool gears :-) 

HQ the Wall Climber
Next, HQ scaled the high wall to the top. He was so happy that he was just over the height limit and allowed to climb. Although he lose his grip once and was left dangling in the air, he said he enjoyed this immensely too :-).
Step by step to the top!

HQ the Fire Fighter

The job involved a briefing, a tour in the fire engine while chanting "Kidzania Fire Fighter!", and spraying a heck lot of water to save the "burning" hotel. The burning was realistic with flames and sound effects of screams, windows breaking, etc.

HQ couldn't help it but remarked "They should make fake burning at other buildings too, not keep burning and burning this same hotel. Not real at all."

Spraying water on the "burning" hotel

HQ the Painter
Some time to sit down and do some quiet painting before he started off with other jobs. He was out of that painting academy soon enough :-).  

HQ the Prosecutor
HQ took up a job at the Court as a Prosecutor. That's him fighting his "case" :-).

HQ the Courier Guy 
HQ worked for Poslaju and was seen running around delivering packages and getting their sign offs :-).  

At 3.00pm when we're ready to leave, HQ had a total of 85 Kidzos (he started off with 50 Kidzos, earn some and spend some, thus leaving 85 Kidzos). There's a face painting booth, and HQ actually wanted to get his face painted with a gecko. But seeing that it will make him 30 Kidzos poorer, he decided not to. Starting to have money concious already :-).

Many times, we found many kids line up to wait for their turns without realising that the job has closed/ numbers ran out/ they need to do something else elsewhere in order to secure the job. It's frustrating and a waste of time. Instead of relying on kids and parents to ask for details, Kidzania should look into improving communication by putting up proper and clear notices/ signs, as well as a better queueing and numbering system.

Nevertheless, HQ had fun and gained some ideas on how economies work. Since then, he has been pestering us for another trip. When we told him that we cannot go to Kidzania often (pricey tickets!), only for special occassions, we were very surprised to find out that he started saving his pocket money for a trip to Kidzania! Not just saving for his own ticket, but for all four of us! :-D   

HQ was 6y 9m old that time.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


After dinner last Sunday, our nice elderly neighbour brought over 3 huge slices of cake. It was his son's birthday (who's already working), and they wished to share the cake with us. It was yummy caramel pecan cake, and QQ, being the cake lover of the family ate two whole slices! That's after her heavy dinner, mind you. She complained of tummyache later, but fell asleep shortly... hee hee.

So on Monday night after work, we brought the kids to a nearby fruit stall and bought some juicy mangoes for the neighbour. Once reached home, QQ yelled "Uncle!!! We have some mangoes for you!!!" to the neighbour. HQ balanced the mangoes on their nice porcelain plate and handed it to him over the fence. Of course our kind neighbour said no need, all the nice complimentaries and finally thank you.   

Just as the Uncle turned to walk back to his house, QQ said in her clear and VERY loud voice: 

QQ: I saw the Uncle NAKED!!!

I quickly put my index finger on my lips signaling her to say no more. Catching my cue, she added in her same clear and VERY loud voice: 

QQ: It's ok la. I only saw his body naked, not his BUTTOCK naked!!!

*cover my face with both hands* 

Later inside, Hubby chuckled and pointed out that we should be thankful that she said buttock and not PEN*S!!!

QQ: 4y 9m old

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be-early mother's day gift

When I arrived at my mum's house to fetch the kids on Monday night, I was pleasantly surprised by my soon-to-be-seven-year-old with a red rose!

I've received flowers from HQ before when he was younger; those that he picked from roadsides and Mum's garden. For this particular rose, it's for Mother's Day and he bought it with his own pocket money! :-D

He told me he saw roses selling in his school bookshop last Friday, and he asked how much it cost. So on Monday, he took RM1.50 that he saved and bought the rose for me. He told me he's the only kid with a rose in the class and many of his classmates came over to admire it :-D.

I love how thoughtful he was. It must be not easy for him to keep his little secret to himself during the weekend. I was so touched! Seeing how happy I was, he was grinning from ear to ear.

My dear sweet boy, I love you so! :-D

HQ: 6y 11m old

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

soup for our souls

If we're home on Sunday, like today, I will usually whip up something quick and simple for lunch. Nothing fancy... today it's bean noodles in an anchovy based soup with premarinated pork slices, silvered carrots and lots of cabbages. Topped with sprinkles of sesame seed oil and crispy fried shallots. Easy to eat, yummy and wholesome :-).   

Like usual, QQ wanted to help. So while I stirred the meat into the soup, she helped me gingerly drop clusters of dried bean noodles into another pot of boiling water. When she's done, she got down the step stool and started humming a happy tune. While twirling around in her circle dress. So happy was her made-up tune, and so spirited was her dancing, I joined in as well. We put in words and soon we had an orchestra of tunes and words that's lively, merry and silly. Happy mostly :-).

I am reminded today how a simple activity of preparing a meal can be a great mother and daughter bonding time. I remember today as how blessed I am, having my little angel lighting up my days, bringing me joys of motherhood, and to always appreciate what I have.  

She remembered today as the day she helped to cook, serve and consume the "Happy Soup" :-). 

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