Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HQ turns Sev7n!

HQ turns seven on 19th May 2012 (Saturday)!

It was in between the exam week (exam starts on 14th May and last till the following week on 21st May), and so we did a mini celebration at school on 18th May (Friday).

The classroom was crammed with tables and chairs as the kids were all seated singlarly for the exams. The kids were so happy singing birthday songs, eating cakes and receiving bags of party packs (Angry Birds theme!). Can see that HQ was super happy too, and that night, he thanked hubs and me for having the celebration in school for him :-).   

Cropped from the only video that I took while the kids sang birthday songs. I forgot the lighter, so candles were not used. HQ was acting cool there, happy but refraining himself from smiling too wide... haha! And of course, his little sister had to be there :-).
On HQ's actual birthday, which was a Saturday, he attended his enrichment classes like usual. So, meals were taken in between classes at all his favourite places :-). McDonalds' Happy Meal for breakfast, fish & chips and seafood spaghetti at Ice Room for lunch, and loads of ebiko sushi, tempura and nabeyaki udon for dinner. Cakes for dessert :-). As he still has another paper to sit on Monday (Science and Technology in Mandarin), HQ did his last-minute revision at home on Sunday.  
I hope these 2 kiddos will become the best of friends when they grow up :-)

Papa and kids... birthday boy sure looks happy there :-)
Mama and kids... QQ was getting sleepy :-)
Seven sure sounds like a huge number, and my boy seems so grown up now :').

He's funny, sensitive, thoughtful, and still a big ball of energy all the time! He's sweet, intelligent, and growing into a little man whom we're proud of :-).

Right now he's doing the followings:
- HQ loves school, the freedom school offers and his friends from school. His good friends are Jason and Vincent, but his best friend is Tai Chee Sing.

- HQ has started enrichment classes in school. He loves his Robotics and Mental Arithmatic classes, both held on Saturdays. He will be starting Wushu class as well in June, held on Sundays.

- On a typical school day, HQ reaches Popo's home from school at about 7pm. Right after kicking off his shoes, socks and school shirt (he wears a singlet underneath), he will dig out his homework to do. While having his dinner. He's always very kanjiong about his homework and makes sure he finishes them before taking his bath.  

- He still surprises us with his thoughtfulness and sweetness, like when he bought a rose for me on Mother's Day using his own pocket money. On Teachers' Day, he did the same for his teachers... buying 4 red pens worth RM 0.50 each for 4 teachers (spread over two days to purchase) :-D.

- HQ is stubborn and has a neck of steel. No bribe, threats or coaxes works when he set his mind on something. He will listen to our reasonings, but he will still try to do things his own way. After he has tried and he saw that his way doesn't work, only then he will consider our suggestions. So, basically, this kid of mine prefers to learn things through trials and errors o.O"

- His school conducts Di Zi Gui mini classes for 15 minutes every day before school starts, and I can see its effect rubbing on him. Mum reported to me that one day my Aunt and her daughter (my cousin) came to visit. After greeting the visitors politely, HQ went to to the kitchen, washed two glasses, poured water into the glasses, served the drinks to the visitors, and asked them politely to drink. Without being told! And we have never ask him to take drinks for visitors, so this is purely based on his own initiative. He only started playing with my niece after serving the drinks. He made his Popo and Gong Gong very proud that evening :-)

Happy Birthday, my big boy HQ! Grow up healthy, strong and happy! Papa, Mama, Meimei, Gong Gong and Popo love you very very much!

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eugene said...

大哥仔 lo,,,,,, I am sure HQ will grow up to be a fine young man....cos good parent are important for good children,,,,

mNhL said...

HQ is such a thoughtful son ! Happy belated b'day to him !

Broccoli Ginger said...

Happy Birthday!! :) Love to hear stories about them. Write more! :D

slavemom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to HQ! He's such a thotful n well-behaved boy.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Happy belated birthday to HQ. You taught him well... he's a very smart, thoughtful, loveable and sweet-natured boy. The Di Zi Gui instilled very good values in him too. I'm so impressed! :)

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Belated 7th Birthday HQ :) Such a thoughtful and good boy. Hey, i didn't know we can celebrate birthdays in school now :P

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday to HQ. May he grow up to be a gentleman.

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To HQ! He is such a good boy. You are one lucky Mummy. :) I'm so impressed with his character.


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