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Kidzania - HQ's experience

Back-dated post (4th March 2012 - Sunday)

I was over the moon when I learned that Kidzania is opening in KL. I read about Kidzania in Jakarta sometime ago from this mummy's blog, and I knew it's a place where my kids would love to go :-). What's more exciting is, Kidzania KL was doing a promo then and giving out free tickets! (Note: This promo is over, so got to buy tickets from now on).

For info, Kidzania is described as a kiddos' world. There's jobs to apply for where kids earn Kidzos (Kidzania's currency), and places to spend them as well. The little city is realistically designed, only that everything is in kid-size. Well, that's my description, but you can find more info here.

Just for notes:
HQ's dream occupation at the moment - Secret Agent
QQ's dream occupation at the moment - Princess (duh... sometimes she'll say Teacher, but most of the time, it's Princess)

At the registration counter that day, we saw Chin Nee and her family :-). Here's her account of Kidzania at her blog.

Having about 30 minutes to spare before we start, we went to McDonalds. Which was a good thing as hubs haven't taken his breakfast. While hubby chomped away, the kids pored over the map and circled the jobs that they want to take up.
Since both kids have distinctively different interests, we decided to split, HQ and Papa in a team, and QQ and Mama team.
HQ circling the jobs that he wanted to take up.

First stop was the bank, where each kid banked out 50 Kidzos. Can't wait to start playing!
Kids with their 50 Kidzos banked out
As the kids went seperate ways, cheperoned by an adult, I'll blog their experiences seperately.

HQ's Kidzania Experience
(HQ was cheperoned by Papa and pictures were taken by Papa)

HQ the CSI officer
HQ wanted to take up the job of Secret Agent, but unfortunately that department was not ready yet. So he took up something close, a CSI officer. 
Having a briefing on their tasks.

HQ with his first paycheck! Can't wait for his "REAL" first paycheck... hahaha!
HQ was very interested with the CSI scope of work, in fact he said that this is his favourite job of all other jobs he's taken up in Kidzania. Mainly, I think it is because it involved solving a mystery, understanding how it works (case briefing + structured way (kind of) of solving a case), some similarity to be a Secret Agent and wearing some cool gears :-) 

HQ the Wall Climber
Next, HQ scaled the high wall to the top. He was so happy that he was just over the height limit and allowed to climb. Although he lose his grip once and was left dangling in the air, he said he enjoyed this immensely too :-).
Step by step to the top!

HQ the Fire Fighter

The job involved a briefing, a tour in the fire engine while chanting "Kidzania Fire Fighter!", and spraying a heck lot of water to save the "burning" hotel. The burning was realistic with flames and sound effects of screams, windows breaking, etc.

HQ couldn't help it but remarked "They should make fake burning at other buildings too, not keep burning and burning this same hotel. Not real at all."

Spraying water on the "burning" hotel

HQ the Painter
Some time to sit down and do some quiet painting before he started off with other jobs. He was out of that painting academy soon enough :-).  

HQ the Prosecutor
HQ took up a job at the Court as a Prosecutor. That's him fighting his "case" :-).

HQ the Courier Guy 
HQ worked for Poslaju and was seen running around delivering packages and getting their sign offs :-).  

At 3.00pm when we're ready to leave, HQ had a total of 85 Kidzos (he started off with 50 Kidzos, earn some and spend some, thus leaving 85 Kidzos). There's a face painting booth, and HQ actually wanted to get his face painted with a gecko. But seeing that it will make him 30 Kidzos poorer, he decided not to. Starting to have money concious already :-).

Many times, we found many kids line up to wait for their turns without realising that the job has closed/ numbers ran out/ they need to do something else elsewhere in order to secure the job. It's frustrating and a waste of time. Instead of relying on kids and parents to ask for details, Kidzania should look into improving communication by putting up proper and clear notices/ signs, as well as a better queueing and numbering system.

Nevertheless, HQ had fun and gained some ideas on how economies work. Since then, he has been pestering us for another trip. When we told him that we cannot go to Kidzania often (pricey tickets!), only for special occassions, we were very surprised to find out that he started saving his pocket money for a trip to Kidzania! Not just saving for his own ticket, but for all four of us! :-D   

HQ was 6y 9m old that time.

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Mummy Gwen said...

It's a great experience and exposure for the kids right. Huh...HQ is so brave..he climbed up so high!

Talking about kidzos, we are still keeping 100+ kidzos from Kidzania, Jakarta...haha.

VanessaJezamine said...

Such a thoughtful boy. Always thinks of sharing the fun with others instead of himself. =) Can't wait to hear about your next visit.

mommy to chumsy said...

such a wonderful experience for the kids. HQ is such a good and thoughtful boy. You have taught him well :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Heard so much about Kidzania - yet to be there though. What's the general height limit? Yiu Yiu is rather short so I'm worried she may not be able to participate in most jobs leh.


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