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Kidzania - QQ's experience

Back-dated post (4th March 2012 - Sunday)
You can read HQ's Kidzania experience by clicking on the link. 

QQ's Kidzania Experience
(QQ was cheperoned by Mama and pictures were taken by both Papa and Mama)

I have briefed the kids a few days before about our Kidzania trip, and they were pretty excited about it. QQ was seen writing down the events since early that morning. She needed us to spell many of the words for her, and althought the events were written chronologically, she forgot to note down the time :-).

QQ as Alice (Not)
QQ wanted to be a Princess, and so I told her she might have the chance to be a Princess at the Theatre. So we went. By the time we reached, the room was already packed to the brim. QQ was led in and I waited outside with other parents.

Turn out the play that they're going to act out was "Alice in Wonderland". I saw QQ picking up little balls with different roles written on them from a Santa Clause hat, and at each ball, my little QQ shook her head. QQ wanted to be a Princess, but of course there's no such role. In the end, the attendant brought an Alice dress and coaxed QQ to take up the role as Alice. QQ relunctantly agreed.

QQ clad in the Alice's dress; which is way too big for her. Photo was taken from the tiny glass pane on the wooden door, and enlarged. 

As we parents waited outside, we could only take glimpses at our kids through the little glass panes on the wooden doors. Seeing QQ rehearsing her speech with the attendant, I decided to step away and visit other booths to check out the schedules for other jobs.

I was gone for some time and by the time I came back, I found QQ sobbing while the attendant tried to cheer her up. Oh dear, oh dear... I quickly went in. QQ caught sight of me and ran to me, hugging me tightly. While I was away, she wanted a drink of water and came out looking for me with the attendant. She could not find me and got worried that I have left without her. Thus the sobbing.

My poor girl, she was so worked up and eventhough she was briefed of the Alice role, she didn't want to be away from me anymore. She said she didn't want to be in the play, but she wanted to watch the play. And so, we sat throughout the play; QQ as one of the spectator instead.

QQ the Painter
QQ wanted to take up the Teacher job at the School, but that department was not open yet. As we walked along, we passed the Art School, and she wanted to paint. After paying 5 Kidzos, she sat there happily painting away.
Enjoying one of her favourite activities... QQ has always loved painting! :-)
I stood outside to wait for her; this time, I made sure she could see where I was. She kept turning to where I was, just to check if I was there. She must be traumatized from the earlier incident.

QQ got a Face Painting
After the painting session, QQ spotted a face painting booth opposite the Art School and wanted to check it out. She was excited about getting her face painted and she choose a lovely rainbow. This cost her 30 Kidzos. The wait was long but worth it :-). 
Here's our happy girl with her rainbow :-)

QQ the Manicurist
After the face painting, QQ wanted to get a body art sticker. I reminded her of her depleted funds and suggested that she should take up a job to earn more Kidzos. After walking around for awhile, she wanted to be a Manucurist.

The queue was long and the wait was even longer. Moreover to work for the salon, we got to look for QQ's customer. Luckily 2 little sisters wanted to get manicures and QQ quickly hook up with the younger sister.
Very happy doing her job :-).

QQ the little Chef
After earning her first paycheque as a Manicurist, QQ said she wanted to do more jobs. She had changed her mind about getting a body art that she wanted earlier. For now, she wanted to cook. So we waited for a long time outside the Ayam Brand Cooking School. Here, she paid another 10 Kidzos for her cooking lesson.
QQ wrapping her sandwich that she made in foil. The sandwich ended up looking like pickeld vegetables (ham choi) :-S

At 3.00pm, we met up hubby and HQ, and we left for a late lunch at Ying Ker Lou Hakka Restaurant and ice cream as dessert at The Curve. Hung out a little bit at MPH Bookstore before we left for home.

From here, we noticed that while HQ was busy earning Kidzos and was ever so careful with his hard-earned Kidzos, QQ here nearly spent all her Kidzos without batting an eyelid :-) 

QQ was 4y 7m old that time.

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Small Kucing said...

girls will be girls :)

Mummy Gwen said...

She is still young lah. Gwen was lost when she went to Kidzania last year.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh.....been reading about kidzania everywhere and this is certainly a lot of fun. i think i would want to try out the tasks too :) i like the face painting on QQ's face :)

Kit said...

Kidzania looks really fun for kids. I thought it's cute that she wanted to be a manicurist. Have you been going for a lot of manis lately???

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to bring my kids there :)


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