Monday, July 23, 2012

haeun khon korean restaurant

There is this dining place that hubs brought me recently, which I really like. Prices were pretty reasonable, and food was really great. Right up to my palate :-)

I saw many Koreans dining there, so i thought food must be quite authentic in taste. The restaurant was full to the brim too eventhough it was a weekday. There's also a few Japanese items on the menu.

Here's what we ordered during our first trip there... Korean barbecued chicken set and Japanese chicken teriyaki set.

The bill only came up to RM30+ including drinks. So each set is priced at RM14.90.

The next visit we went was with our kids on a weekend. We ordered the teriyaki set again, 2 sets of fried rice (Japanese and Korean), and one kimchi soup set.

We have seen the fried rice on almost every table, and it sure proved to be very tasty. RM7.90 for the huge set.

I didn't take picture of the teriyaki set this time as it was already taken during our previous trip. As for the kimchi soup set, it was simply delish with a right level of spiciness, sweetness, and sourness. I simply love it so much!

As expected we didn't get to finish the food. Will only order 3 sets next time when we go as a family :-)

Haeun Khon Restaurant is located at the top floor of Amcorp Mall, PJ. It's a few shops away from Book eXcess.

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LittleLamb said...

oh..nearby for me. will check it out. if i m around amcorp, surely i will go to A&w for the waffles or at least their rootbeer float.

mNhL said...

Korean food are nice...but i don't really fancy the kimchi whereby my cousin ate plates after plates.

A Mom's Diary said...

That's quite near for me. Will give it a try next time when we run out of ideas on where to eat :-)


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