Monday, August 6, 2012


While I was driving QQ home from her kindy, we drove past a section of the road where a construction of fixing some water pipes was being carried out. The road was thus closed at one side, and vehicles coming from both directions had to take turns using the one lane. A construction worker stood in the middle of the road signaling the vehicles to pass the narrow road. Our conversation:

QQ: What is that man doing?
Me: Oh, he's signaling for the cars to take turns to pass the narrow road.
QQ: Is he working? Why can't he work in a(n) office with air-cond like Papa?
Me: If he works in the air-cond room, how would he be able to help us signal which cars to pass?
QQ: Oh, he's is so poor (thing). It's a hot day and the sun is soooo hot! But he has to stand in the middle of the road to help us. So poor (thing)! 

And as we passed the guard house, QQ again mentioned:

QQ: The guard is very poor (thing) too. Has to work under the sun to help us open the gate. So poor thing. This guard and that man just now are good people.

So I took the opportunity to tell her why we should respect all people and their different occupations. I also pointed out how some people have the opportunity to work in comfortable offices and how others have to work in uncomfortable conditions. Hope she gets my message :-).  

On sighting two dead cockroaches in the kitchen that morning, I bought a box of cockroach trap before going to fetch QQ. When QQ saw the pictures of cockroaches on the box, she asked: 

QQ: Oh, I know... you bought some toys for Koko (big brother). It's cockroach and insects right? 
Me: No, these are traps to catch cockroaches. 
QQ: GASP!!! 
Me: Why, what's wrong??? 
QQ: Why do you want to catch them???
Me: Of course we need to catch them. Cockroaches cause diseases and make people sick.
QQ: And then you will let them go?
Me: Of course not. I'll just throw the trap away.
QQ: But they just need a place to stay! 
Me: But cockroaches cannot stay the same house with us. They're full with germs and make people sick. 
QQ: They just need a place to stay! I know! Why not we build a house for them? A small one outside our house?
Me: Oh no... they will still come into the house for food. 
QQ: Then we feed them. 
Me: They will have babies and when there are so many, they will still come in the house. 
QQ: Then we feed them more food.
Me: Then they'll get more and more, and it will be dangerous for our health.

She then kept very quiet. I took the opportunity to explain to her while it's correct not to harm animals, it is important that we keep harmful pests away, and if need be, kill them. She then made me promise to only kill harmful pests like cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and rats.   

While I'm glad that she has a compassionate heart, I hope this will be her strength instead of her being taken advantage of.

QQ: 5y 2w old.

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wenn said...

that's great to hv such kid..

mNhL said...

At such a young age, she already has such thinking. She really has a heart of gold.

Cynful Pleasure said...

oh.. she is such a sweet and considerate girl.. :D


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