Friday, January 18, 2013

the brother

HQ is attentive and helpful with QQ, and of course a wonderful playmate too. Sometimes the kids do bicker, fight and tease, but overall they're great with each other. Which is why he has always been QQ's number one hero :-)

At times when I'm mad with QQ, HQ would be the peacemaker. Telling me that QQ is still a little girl, do not be angry with her and that she's sorry for what she has done. He will then coax QQ to stop crying/ fussing/ whining and to come and say sorry to me. Sometimes he made us shake hands, hug and kiss :-).

When QQ needs help or assurance,HQ would be the one offering it without her asking. "Meimei, come, let koko help you". Or "Koko do it for you, ok?". Or "Come, koko show you how yo do it. Now you try". There was once QQ was afraid to come down from the car because there were huge red ants crawling on the ground. HQ risked being bitten himself by going over and brought her down safely; "Don't worry meimei, hold koko's hand and we walk quickly."

What touched me was when QQ came home with good results from her kindy, HQ took money from his piggy bank and bought a cute red 3D Hello Kitty eraser from his school bookshop and gifted it to QQ as a reward. All his own initiative without any of us telling him too. I think that's just too sweet :-).

The other day when the kids were sleeping, hubs and I saw HQ sat up in the middle of his slumber. He looked around him for awhile and later crawled over to QQ. He then started stroking her head while mumbling something like "It's ok meimei, don't worry, koko is here". He then laid very close to QQ, hand over her chest and fell asleep thereafter. Such sweetness! He even dreams about taking care of his meimei in his sleep :-)))

And when they play, boy, things can go really crazy :-). They come up with funny ideas and are simply hilarious to watch :-D. Boy, do they laugh. Not the normal loud laugh, but the kind that leave them breathless and teary :-D (hubs and I will laugh with them, not knowing what they are laughing about haha). HQ is the only one that can make QQ laugh that way :-D.

I told hubs that when she grows up, she might marry the next man who can make her laugh like that :-)

I am so proud of my little guy, being mature and caring towards his little sister. I hope as they grow up, their relationship will blossom and they remain as best friends :-).

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goolypop said...

Awww...lovely lovely. I miss your stories about the kids.. :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Yiu Yiu behaves the same way when I'm crossed with her sister :-) QQ is indeed blessed with such a loving and protective brother.


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