Sunday, January 20, 2013

HQ's first year of school @ 2012

HQ has been attending a Chinese medium school for the whole of last year. Overall I am happy with how he's doing at school, but it would be great if someone has prep me earlier with what to expect.

Like all Chinese schools ( I presume), rules are pretty tight and canes are used liberally (for mistakes in ting xie, misbehaving, forgetting to bring book/ stationaries, forgetting to do homework, etc). His school also uses point system where any misbehavings will entitle for deduction of points. Any student with 40 points deducted during the 6 primary years will be expelled. HQ got 1 point deducted once for running, and he got caned twice, once for mistake in ting xie, and another time for overlooking one of his homework that he needed to do. I didn't lecture him because overall he has been pretty independent with his homework, ting xie, spelling, ejaan etc.

The school that HQ attends conducts exams 3 times a year, which was really stressful! Not for the kid but for me! His overall enthusiasm about school is wearing off... I guess when a kid has to go through examination so often, he didn't see the importance of it anymore. Or maybe it's a "new toilet syndrome" *sigh*

I feel that the standard for BM was pretty high although English language was simpler than what he learnt in kindy. For someone who is a banana like me, I couldn't assist at all for the papers done in Mandarin (Mandarin language, Maths and Science). How I wish I knew Mandarin!

Thankfully HQ did well in his 3 terms exams considering that we only started sending him to Mandarin enrichment classes since July.

However, the competition was unbelievable. For example, he was only 6 points short to getting full marks for all of his 5 exam papers, and he's already placed at the 60th position among all 480+ primary one students. And believe me, the examination standard for Primary 1 students is not low either.

Please share with me, mummies, I am wondering are all Chinese medium schools this competitive?  

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Broccoli Ginger said...

My son just started Primary 1 this year. :) But I did hear from some parents, those 'good school' competition is pretty high. Like what you said, short of just few marks, you have already in more than 50+th position. I think if he knows what to do and doing well, don't care much abt the position.

mNhL said...

I think schools in Klang Valley are more competitive.

I was relieved to hear this during my boy's school orientation, his headmaster said "Results is not everything"

BoeyJoey said...

Happy to hear that Broccoli is in primary 1 this year :-). That's what I told myself too; as long as he's happy, balanced and tried his best, it's enough for me. I don't want to put pressure on him. Glad to hear other schools' exam standard are similar too :-)

BoeyJoey said...

Yes, result is not everything. Ensuring that our kids are safe, healthy and well-adjusted are more important :-). Hope YX enjoys his new big school !

A Mom's Diary said...

Most Chinese schools are liberal with the usage of cane unfortunately. And yes, competition is very stiff with points difference in the range of 0.1 only. Yiu Yiu did badly in her BM in the second term and she fell from the top 1/3 to the bottom 1/3 amongst the 600+ students.


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