Thursday, January 17, 2013

my happy boy

"I am happy everyday because:

Monday is the day I go to Robotics class (he loves Robotics :-))

Tuesday is the day I have PE at school and I get an ice-cream treat after school

Wednesday is a day before the last day of the week I attend tuition
(he attends Mandarin, Maths and Science tuitions as Mandarin is his weaker language and these subjects were all conducted in mandarin)

Thursday is the last day I attend tuition in a week

Friday is the last day of school in a week and weekend is coming!
(although he loves school very much, he looks forward to every weekend :-))

Saturday is the day I go for my swimming lesson
(he loves his swimming lessons)

And Sunday is the day I go for my wushu lesson!
(he also loves wushu very much)

So I'm happy everyday of the week :-D"

My dear son, I'm so thankful that you see little pleasures in life. Be happy always and remember papa and mama will always be there for you :-)

I am now taking him as example to remind myself why am i happy everyday :-D

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Yee Ling said...

Come to think of it, our kids are also as busy as us. Big E school session is in the afternoon, basically she can no longer enjoy her evening leisure time.

Happy weekend!

slavemom said...

Yes, we shld all learn from HQ. There r many things to be happy abt n be contented with.


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