Wednesday, February 13, 2013

HQ's first year of school @ 2012 - curricular activities

Just some updates on the curricular activities that HQ has been participating.

HQ partakes in the following activities, which is very little compared to many of the kids I know :-). These are some of the updates:

Held weekly and he loves attending this class very much. In year 2012, he has been selected to compete in a 3-day event among kids as senior as primary six, and he was awarded for his outstanding performance. He also attended a 2-day camp during the school hols and enjoyed it thoroughly.

He only started lessons this year 2013. We actually enrolled him mid last year but was not satisfied with the instructor. It took us some time to look for another swimming school at a convenient slot. He now loves his lessons and look forward to it every weekend :-).

HQ started learning wushu from school somewhere in July 2012, i think. The weekly practice of wushu has made him sturdier in terms of muscle mass, and his growth in height seems to be slowing down. He catches up the moves pretty fast and loves this sport immensely :-)

Just after 2 months of joining, HQ took his first wushu examination, which was held annually. His Sifu who was judging the examination commented to her SiJie (an elder girl disciple who teaches the beginners): "This little boy here fights like a little monk; he has great strength!".

Little monk; LOL!

HQ was also awarded 2nd prize with a trophy for creative writing in English among his peers :-). 

I feel he has grown up so much in the past one year; physically, socially and intellectually. Although, of course, there's still lots of room to grow :-).

I hope he continues loving and excels in his extracurricular activities :-)

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