Wednesday, February 13, 2013

starting the school year @ 2013

HQ @ Primary 2 

This year at 2013, HQ is attending his second year of school in a Chinese medium primary school. He loves his new status as a Primary 2 student, and was on his own from the first day of the school year :-).

This year when school restarts for Primary 2, he asked for a raise @@. He asked once, and we explained to him why we will not be doing what he asked. He's fine with that, although this year he didn't save as much money. Guess he's a bigger boy now and eats more :-).

His favourite thing about school is still time spent with friends especially during breaks in canteen, and games played during PE. His good group of friends are same as last year; Thye Chee Sheng, Soh Vincent, Jason Leong, and Harry Chong. His closer girl friends are Fong Min Syuan, Low Kor Yee, Low Ye Xuan and Low Yan Wen. I find it very cute that these kids call each other full names :-).

QQ @ K2

Year 2013 will be the last year of QQ attending kindy. This year seems like no difference as last year; the routine ting xie, ejaan and spelling; the same friends, almost similar teachers. 

She will be joining her Korkor at the big school next year. She seems to be both excited and terrified to be going to Primary 1 next year. I don't blame her, as I too feel very worried about how she's going to cope with the tight discipline of a Chinese school. It seems that my littlest baby is growing too fast! 
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wenn said...

Kids grow up real fast!


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