Monday, April 8, 2013

singapore trip @ 2012 (back-dated)

Just pictures :-)

A visit to the zoo is a must for my kiddos. Sis BIL brought us there; the kids had a great time with their cuzzies, G &R :-D

While we were in Singapore, Rafa and QQ attended a Craft Workshop for 2 days, organised and taught by my Sis' buddy. We hung out in the mall and public library nearby. I was impressed with how organised and convenient the libraries are. Here's Rafa playing at the park after his workshop :-).

QQ got her wish at last to go for the Duck Tour!

The Merlion seen from the Duck Tour. 

We also went to the Gardens by the Bay, which was essentially 2 HUGE greenhouses with monitored tempreture. They were lovely and impressive. Here's what they call the supertrees.  

The first greenhouse that we went to was the Flower Dome. Our cheeky kiddos :-)

Beautiful foliage: 

Pictures taken at the second greenhouse, the Cloud Forest. Here's the fall: 

As we were in Singapore for 7 days, it was a leisurely trip. Unlike previous trips, we took things really slow. Slept more, ate more, shopped more, and did less of sight-seeing. I actually prefer this kind of holiday, less stressful and tiring :-).

On the second day there, Sis drove us to visit Granny. She seemed frail and clueless sometimes, which really broke my heart. The saddest thing was she could not recognize me. The woman whom I respected most since I was a child, the kindest and strongest woman that I knew, the woman who looked after me when I was a child, didn't recognize me :'(. It took her a long time to finally realise who I was. I do so hope I am nearer to her so I can visit her more often.

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mommy to chumsy said...

What a lovely holiday. Gardens by the bay is so beautiful. I am sure your grandmother is very happy that you all visited her :)

Small Kucing said...

looks likesuper fun trip for the kids. Love the 4th photo

BoeyJoey said...

Gardens by the bay is beautiful; lots of beautiful plants and landscape for taking photos :-). Once my Granny realized who we are, she's really happy seeing us :-).

BoeyJoey said...

We didn't visit many places this time, but d kids are still very happy :-). The fourth photo is of my youngest nephew, a handsome and cheeky little boy :-).

cre8tone said...

Looks like a super duper lovely trip!~


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