Friday, July 26, 2013

QQ's birthday (back-dated)

Our darling QQ turned 6 on 20th July :-). She's funny, playful, happy and incredibly sweet. Loves to be princessy but very much a tomboy too :-). May you grow up healthily, safely, happily and with abundance of love. Happy birthday sweetheart :-). 

It was a happy occasion with a simple celebration with her teachers and classmates at kindy, followed by a school field trip to Vitagen factory the next day. 

On the actual day, which was a Saturday, we did not do much of a celebration because HQ needed to attend two Robotics classes on that day (one regular classs and one special training) and another training on Sunday (and many many weekends to come *faint*), in preparation for the coming Robotics competitions. So while HQ was sweating it out at school, we went for a fun outing at Leisure Mall and QQ's favourite dessert of Snowflake. 

After HQ's two classes, we went swimming, and later dinner at a restaurant of QQ's choice. It was a simple celebration yet QQ was very happy about it :-). 

QQ and her mama-made cupcakes during the kindy celebration.
Up close of the simple milk cupcakes that QQ helped to prepare. QQ's classmates said they were very yummy :-)

QQ and her cute classmates. Where are the boys???

Waiting for QQ's favourite desserts. 

Dinner at QQ's choice of restaurant. 

Birthday cake of her choice; blueberry cheese. 

QQ's birthday present. Present was chosen a few months before her birthday, I think it was April or May. Picture was also taken then. She was good to let us keep it before her birthday, and only started playing with it on her birthday :-). 

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Small Kucing said...

so long never see her face. Changed already. Getting to be a beauty. Happy Belated birthday!


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