Saturday, July 6, 2013

teachers' day baking (belated post)

As mentioned in previous post, I did some baking for my kiddos' teachers on Teachers' Day. For QQ's teachers, I made marble cakelets, and wrapped them up with a few other things that QQ chose - small booklets and pens.

For HQ's teachers, who celebrated Teachers' Day a week later, i baked small loaves of cranberries lemon cake. Everytime i bake this cake, everyone who tried it would be raving about it heehee. I especially love the crumbly texture and lovely citrus taste. This cake never disappoints :-).

I love baking little treats like these, and should be doing the same for next year. Next year will be easier, because QQ will be starting the same school as HQ, so just need to do one batch baking :-). 

Photos are copied from my FB page, so look kind of small here. 

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wenn said...

wow, nice! I want some.. :)

Chet said...

This is gorgeous!


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