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super back-dated :- closing school year @ 2013

Ok, first I'd like to pick up where I left - closing school year for 2013. Yes, that was 1 full year ago considering that today is already the first day of school holiday for 2014!!! For reference, the start of school year 2013 can be read here

HQ's Primary 2 Year @ 2013

HQ loved going to school and is proud to be in Primary 2. Being at Primary 2 meant he's an older kid compared to the 'babies' in Primary 1. Overall I'm happy with his performance in Primary 2. He's attending Mandarin tuition in a group. I'm his 'personal tutor' for BM and English. He used to attend maths and science tuitions because they're taught and tested in mandarin. However, he stopped going tuition for these 2 subjects at the first quarter of the year as we feel hubs can do a better job.

Where in Primary 1 (year 2012) HQ managed to secure 9th, 6th & 5th position, for Primary 2 (year 2013), he was rewarded with the 2nd & 1st position (2 times examination for year 2013). It meant so much to him because early of the year, he told me he was aiming for positions 1 to 3 :'). I am so proud of him, not only for his achievement, but mainly because when he sets his determined little heart into doing something, he does it. And he is matured enough to set goals for himself. I think that's a more important lesson. Well done, my son :-D 

HQ also won a trophy for English story-telling competition. Not something that he volunteered but the teacher made him do it, so it's good. He was also chosen to be a Prefect for when he's in Primary 3 in year 2014, and he's pretty excited about it :-). 

For curriculum activities, HQ led a team of three to represent the school for Robotics competition. Due to training during the weekends, he had to stop Wushu and swam a lot less (which was a shame cos he's good in both sports).

Here's HQ's team representing their school for Junior Robotics Competition, somewhere end September 2013. Although his team was not the top 3 out of 96 competing teams, we're happy that they make it for the finals representing Selangor. Kudos to the boys and "Jia You!!!"

At 6.50am November 17th, we arrived UTP (Universiti Teknologi Petronas), Ipoh, for the Eduspec Junior Robothon 2013 National Final. HQ was leading his school team, one of the teams representing Selangor, for this nationwide final competition.

The winning team from another school represented Malaysia for the worldwide competition in Philippines in Dec. Although HQ's team did not win to represent the country, throughout the training and competitions, HQ learned teamwork, leadership, independence, concentration, persistence and patience. This event has given my little guy a valued experience, which he will remember for a long time 

QQ's Final Kindy Year @ 2013

QQ enjoyed her last year in kindy tremendously. Big kids were given responsibilities to look after and teach younger kids, and QQ relished in being a Jie Jie. 

Conversation among her kindy classmates was mostly about schools they will go to for Primary 1, and QQ was missing them already. 

QQ's last sports day in the kindy. These are among her best friends - Low Yee Shuen and Asber Kong. 

QQ celebrated her 6 year old birthday with her classmates, which was blogged here. 

QQ was the emcee for the kindy's year end concert and graduation. She was confident delivering her notes and had fun while emceeing. It was cute seeing her making eye contacts and cute gestures to her friends while emceeing too :-D. 

One special award that was awarded to QQ that I wanted to note was the Best Moral Award. The headmistress described her as friendly, well-mannered, helpful and has a good learning attitude. Every morning when she arrived at her kindy, she would go around wishing all of her teachers in sight "Good morning, Teacher So-and-So" before playing with her friends in the playground. So, the headmistress said this award is very well suited :-). 

So in terms of school year for the kids in 2013, we're pretty happy. Kids enjoyed their school hols and got ready for the coming school year of 2014, which I'll record in coming posts. 

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