Wednesday, December 24, 2014

the birds & the bees

The kids have been asking hubs and I various questions repetitively about how babies came about that we decided to have a session with them. That happened early this year when HQ was still 8 years plus and QQ 6 years plus. Hubs and I did a lot of googling (very quickly!) before we held the session. 

They asked a lot of questions and we answered them truthfully. Only when the questions came to the process on how the sperm gets to the ovum that they reacted with utter shock, disbelief and disgust. And for a brief moment, we had to stiffle our laughter. We stressed that this is all science and natural as how god made us. It's easier for our boy to comprehend this as he has learnt how animals mate from nat geo wild, and he helped to explain to his sister o.O". We pointed out that this is only done with your spouse whom you love dearly. We also stressed on taking care of themselves and not let others take advantage of them.

So what's the outcome of the session? They obviously understand the process more. Overall, they have been quite matured about the whole thing. It was easier than we thought ☺. And they have been asking us to 'connect your thingies again' (that's the exact words our boy used) to make another baby brother or sister for them o.O"

Our next challenge will be to explain more complicated issues like chastity, concensous and non-concensous sex, safety and related diseases, etc. Maybe we'll have another 3-5 years to discuss these before puberty hits... 

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