Monday, December 1, 2014

backdated: opening school year @ 2014

HQ was in Primary 3 @ 2014 
QQ was in Primary 1 @ 2014 

Besides getting ready uniforms, school and stationary supplies for every school year, one very important thing that we need to do is to get a haircut for HQ. For his mandarin medium school requires every boy's hair to be really short, like a little monk's. This year, QQ needs to cut her hair as well, for girls are required to have short hair (like boys). For HQ, it was just a trim, whereas QQ had to do a total makeover (8 inches off). 

Both kids, right after their haircuts :-). I like how QQ looks in her new hairstyle; younger and more innocent looking, although cheekier as well :-). 

For the album - first day of school. I added a left pocket on all five of QQ's pinafores so she has double pockets to put tissues, hanky and a purse. I think HQ looks very smart with his prefect tie :-).  
HQ managed on his own on his first day of the school year, as he had in Primary 2. I was with QQ at school for the first 2 days. Although quite apprehensive with the large school and new environment, she seemed to take things at stride. She waved to me to leave her to be on her own, and stop hovering at her at the door and windows like other parents. So I waited in the canteen. 

Here's one photo that I snapped of her, seated at the back, a norm for HQ and herself. 

HQ has been very independent since young. Since first day of Primary 1, he packs his own schoolbags everyday. Did his homework independently and only needed occasional help from his Gong Gong on some Mandarin homework. Managed his own weekly ting xie, spelling and ejaan. I was a full time working mother then, so I guess HQ's independence can be a byproduct of that :-).  

QQ, on the other hand, is more dependent. Eventhough she's able to pack her own bags and practice her ting xie on her own, she prefers to have me helping her. Maybe it's because I'm physically there to assist her, or she's just a baby in the family :-). Anyhow, she has promised that she'll do her own packing and whatever not all on her own when she enters Primary 2 next year :-). 

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