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backdated: QQ's primary 1 school year @ 2014

QQ was in Primary 1@ 2014

QQ survived her first year at the big school. But not without much challenges.

She managed well on the first two days of school, when parents were allowed to be present. After the two days, my little girl started showing all signs of anxiety. She had trouble adjusting from one very loving environment of her kindergarten to one that is harsh, loud and very strict at the new school. I sincerely felt too, that the environment is too harsh for primary one kids. She's worried she might be late for school, worried she might need to go pee during assembly, worried she might be late for the line-up after recess, worried about her homework, worried about her ting xie, ejaan and spelling. She scored nearly 100% for all her ting xie, ejaan and spelling but yet she feared getting caned. On the occasions that she did make a mistake, her teacher merely touched her palm with the wooden ruler. She's worried she might be shouted at. She was chosen as the Cleanliness Group Leader, and she too worried over her role.

My once happy-go-lucky baby is now a super-worried-wart.

But she had to learn to cope. And cope she did.

I was so thankful that she had her big brother to look after her. Though he can't be with her all the time, it was reassuring for her to know her brother was in school as well. It is always so heart-warming to see that she not only has a big brother at school, HQ's friends too look over her... carrying her bags, patting her on her back, chatting with her, the girls even hugged her playfully. She was the only Primary 1 kid allowed to play after-school-games with the Primary 3s 😄

After awhile, she started to love going to school. She made friends easily, and the teachers loved her. Her class teacher, Yean Lao Shi was very dedicated and I couldn't wish for a better teacher. English and BM teachers were Madam Puah and Cikgu Seet respectively. Her best friends in school were Chen Yi Enn and Beautrice. Other closer friends were Wang Li Jing, Lee Shin Yee, Wang Sun Hao, Alycia, Ngiam Li Yuen, Gan Zi Suan, Nur Dania and Kong Yan Yang. It was interesting to notice that for the first few weeks of school, when I went to her class to fetch her back after school, I saw all kids sitting down on their respective seats and QQ alone walking around and chatting with her friends. Not making a lot of noise, just chatting and joking. Her teacher watching her in amusement. When she left the class with me, friends will shout out goodbye to her, which I have no doubt she started the practice for her other friends first 😄

One of my greatest worry was, she's sick so very often last year. She had asthma attack once at school and I had to rush her to the hospital. She fell sick so often that her class teacher placed her at the 3rd row in class to watch over her, even though she was one of the tallest in class. Through all the 3 semester examinations at school, she had to do them through one sickness or another. She was even in great pain during the last semester examination, sitting only long enough to finish her exams and then rushing out. She had to be hospitalised and go through a surgery shortly after that.

Even through all the pain and anxieties, she did well at school. We didn't place high expectation on her; she's the one who placed all the expectations on herself. Her achievements came as a nice surprise to us. 

- She was placed 1st in class for all 3 semester examinations. 
- For the year, she was the 2nd best student in the whole Primary 1 of 496 students. 
- 2nd place in Bahasa Malaysia story telling competition among 22 contestants
- 2nd place in English creative writing competition among the whole form
- consolation prize for Mandarin poem recitation competition 
- consolation in English story telling competition 
- 2nd place in sports group event
- Class Computer Officer, where she's in charge of the class computer and projector
- Cleanliness Group Leader
Receiving the first in class award on the last day of school
The projector showed her as the 2nd best results pupil in the whole primary 1 of 496 pupils
We're happy for her achievements, though I'm very worried about her general health. Throughout her struggle with her health, she had shown great courage, grace, self acceptance and humility, and I'm extremely proud of her.

For this year 2015 at Primary 2, my hopes for her is that she will learn to cope with stress and anxiety better. And definitely to slow down a little. Let's see how it goes...

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