Monday, June 1, 2015

what he's thinking

HQ may give an impression of being carefree, happy go lucky and very cheeky to anyone who first met him, but deep inside he has things running in his head that surprises me often. These are some of the things that has been going through his little head in year 2014 when he was 9. 

How do I get a job? 
When can I start working for someone or a company? 
How do I know how much should I get for working with them? 
What if they do not want me to work for them? 
What can I do now so that it can help me in my job when I grow up? 

How do you know when you have met your future wife? 
If I want a baby in January, then my wife and I should mate in April the previous year. Right? 

How does politic work? 
How do you choose the government? 
If you're working for the government, what changes would you make? 
At what age can I vote?  
When can I join politics? 
How can I join politics? 

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